Jorgie Porter rose to fame playing the feisty Theresa McQueen on Hollyoaks and entertained us in the jungle when she took part in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Now she’s playing wannabe ballerina Iris Kelly in a new production of Fame. The hit musical will be visiting Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen as part of a UK wide tour this summer and Jorgie took some time out of her busy schedule to chat to us about it.

TF: Fame sounds like a terrific show can you tell us how you came to be involved in the production?

There was an audition, and when it came to the dancing part of it I just really went for it. I’d never done theatre before and I wanted the part so bad! I’ve missed dancing, so to do a musical like Fame is just amazing. As a kid, we used to do church dancing shows at the end of the year and Fame was just one of those numbers that would come on and people would go “Oh yeah! This is a tune.” I remember dancing to it once and opening the song with a massive jumping jack so getting to do it in a professional production is really nostalgic.

TF: You also skated to Fame when you did Dancing on Ice in 2012, was that your choice?

Oh my God. How brilliant that you brought that up. I totally forgot ha ha. The connection there is just fate innit! You didn’t really get to choose the songs, they chose that song for me. How weird!

TF: I’d heard you attending ballet school when you were younger.

From the age of three I’ve always done dance, apart from when I was eight and I played football for week because I’d discovered boys. Through school I always thought ‘I’m going to be a dancer’. I got into dance college and I was living life like the kids from Fame. The character I’m playing now, Iris Kelly, is a classical ballerina, so it’s sort of like a dream come true. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

TF: Can you tell us a little bit about your character in Fame?

She’s a stooshy ballerina, she has this façade that’s she well to do and her family are rich but actually she’s really poor. She just wants to be loved really, she’s worried that no one will like her for what she is, so she puts on a front. Then she falls for the Tyrone and we get to see a bit more of the real Iris Kelly.

TF: You’ve got three dates in Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. Do you have any plans for things you want to see while you are up here?

All the top places! I love Scotland, it’s so green and pretty, and the Edinburgh Festival is one of my favourites. This tour is going to be pretty intensive though  and I won’t have much time off. Do you know what though? You guys are the friendliest people in the whole world.

TF: You were a presenter on Nintendo Girls Club’s YouTube channel, do you still get anytime to game?

I absolutely love gaming. It’s my secret passion. If I’m sitting around waiting for something and I’m not on my phone or my Gameboy, people will be like “are you ok?” You always have to be doing something or people worry about you, you can’t just stare at the walls anymore! I’m really good at Playstation too, I kick peoples butts at Tekken and Rocket League.

TF: Do you think you would ever go on another reality dating show?

I don’t think I can handle seeing myself going through dating shows again! Even in my own life I’m not that great at dating but to see it on TV is just cringe. I go in head first, in love within an hour and then I’m like “Oh… no… this isn’t genuine”.

TF: Do you have any pets? Will they be coming on the road with you?

I’ve got a Brichon Frise/Jack Russell puppy called Lady and she’s my whole world. If she’s not in bed I’m gutted. I’d love to bring her with me on tour but it’s tough with finding hotels are ok with that. I think what we need to do in the UK is literally change the rules so that dogs can go anywhere.

Fame will run at Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre from 23rd until 27th October 2018.