Singer-songwriter Wrenne hails from Utah and currently lives in rural Leicestershire. She has many strings to her bow, with her website describing her as “Utah Child. UK Artist. Electronic Truth-catcher. Post-Mormon-Disney-Punk. Video-maker. Storyteller. Collaborator. Runner. Mother.” She brought all of these qualities, and more, to I Said Yes To Everything, her mesmerising one-woman show, which is being performed daily throughout this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. This multimedia performance was truly an immersive experience and a visual and sonic treat.

Wrenne used a beautifully-judged mix of songs, film and athleticism to make a powerful connection with the audience and draw them into her world, as she described her fascinating, emotional and ultimately uplifting journey towards self-discovery. There were so many things to admire in this performance. Wrenne’s beautiful original songs (including the exhilarating Puzzle Place and Running To Orion, both from her 2015 London EP) showcased her stunning vocal range and were set against a variety of musical accompaniment, including pre-recorded techno tracks (occasionally featuring the distinctive tones of Idris Elba on backing vocals), ambient soundscapes and her own gentle and soothing acoustic guitar. With her closely-cropped hair and dramatic make-up and costumes, Wrenne cut an imposing and striking figure, and the impressive lighting and use of film (often featuring Wrenne in energetic running and parkour action) added to the visual impact and served to underpin the ever-changing pace and mood of the performance.

Wrenne made full use of the props on-stage – a large, hollow wooden cube; an enclosed space fronted by horizontal metal bars; a raised platform; and a mini-trampoline – to display her incredible athleticism and core strength, as well as her poise, balance and graceful movement. At times, she showed an uncanny ability to sing beautifully while hanging upside-down from the horizontal bars and one extended sequence involving the mini-trampoline was jaw-dropping in its intensity. There were also moments of great poignancy, none more so than when Wrenne serenaded us with a couple of gentle and heartfelt acoustic songs, and a pivotal moment when she confronted her former hedonistic self on-screen and banished her to oblivion.

With I Said Yes To Everything, Wrenne has succeeded in delivering a hugely ambitious and original piece of musical and physical theatre, which provides a moving, intimate, invigorating and inspiring experience. Awesome is a bit of an over-used word nowadays, but it applied perfectly to Wrenne’s performance in this show.

I Said Yes To Everything is on every day (except the 13th) until 26th August at Assembly George Square Studios, 3:30pm