The Tune-Yards, after four years since their last album have returned with this social commentary of an album, I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life. Clearly the development of technology has influenced this record but not in the way that you might expect, as although their ability to layer and loop is more advanced, they have used their music to highlight the social issues that are prevalent in this modern age, which have also been also been affected by the advance of technology.

Soulful Merrill Garbus and her bassist Nate Brenner have created a record that should hopefully get their fans contemplating the problems of today. With Garbus’ iconic vocals and complex synthesized levels that showcase their musical talent their fans should be impressed with this new offering. With the intellectual element from their evocative lyrics and outline of society’s problems Garbus and Brenner are creating altogether something more.

Heart Attack looks at our inability to move forward, our cyclical behaviour with lyrics like “we jump so high but fall right back” whereas Coast to Coast is concerning New York sinking into the sea, and ABC123 is about the burning of California with an honest anguished approach.

There is a sense that Garbus sings from her gut and that these issues are deeply affecting. That with one of the most soulful yet acquiescent voices in the music industry that I am aware of today, her cries make these issues become more worthwhile to consider. Her topics are timely with the initial single release, Look At Your Hands, which considers trust and the total lack of it in today’s society, particularly leaders such as those in the UK and US. This conceptual track is interesting, and hands can cover our faces, the reference to Lady Macbeth reminds us of this need to wash our hands of the deceit and filth. Colonizer obviously concerns human blood spilled, from the colonization of African countries by the white person, and there is no questions surrounding the politicised message here.

The album is one for the fans with the impressive vocals and even more so for the music aficionados that are interested in what the likes of Young Fathers and She Drew The Gun have to say through their music. It’s an affecting record that also showcases their technological advance as a band.

I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life is out on January 19th via 4AD.