Jessica’s Brother is the eponymous debut album from London trio Jessica’s Brother, comprised of songwriter Tom Charleston, Jonny Helm (drums, also of The Wave Pictures) and Charlie Higgs (bass, previously of Ramshackle Union Band).

Tom, the lead singer, spoke to The Fountain about the new album, and performing at Waves Fest soon.

TF: A new album release, how exciting, what can we expect?

You can expect to hear a range of songs from the dark to the joyful. All recorded with frenzied love. Reviewers are often referring to our idiosyncratic noise in an encouraging way so we hope it offers something different to what’s out there at this time.

TF: And do you have anything more scheduled for the year, summer festivals, live gigs in Scotland, when can we look forward to that?

We have been contacted by a promoter who puts gigs on at Mono in Glasgow so we would love to play there as soon as possible! At the moment we have some gigs coming up in London. We’re also playing a festival in late August curated by The Wave Pictures in Ramsgate called Waves Fest which is on its second year after its great success in 2017.

TF: And with one of your band being in The Wave Pictures, do you find there can be accidental music overlap?

I don’t believe so. The Wave Pictures are such a unique band that have honed their craft into something that can’t really be imitated. We’re plonking along in the hope of doing the same but embracing what makes us sound like us rather than holding other bands up to the light and trying to mirror them.

TF: And there’s a story to being Jessica’s Brother, what’s the story?

Jess is my sister, Jonny is her partner. He saw me play a solo show and asked if I wanted to play my songs with his colleague Charlie who is a bassist. We were a nameless project and Jonny would refer to us as Jessica’s Brother’s band to his mates. The name sort of stuck and we’re pretty fond of it now.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

We really loved playing for Marc Riley on BBC6 music. You go there thinking “Oh god, how will this feel normal? We’re about to play live on the BBC” and then everyone there just made us feel so at home and we just went for it. We’re proud of the recording for that. Our launch night in London was also very special, we were very happy that night.

Jessica’s Brother was out on 20th July via Fika Recordings.