Tash York has paved a lot of her cabaret success from her previous award-winning show These Things Take Wine in Australia, and has appeared in Edinburgh before with her trio show The Desperettes: A Guide to Being a Wingman (2016). This year she is back with Adulting, which is her solo debut.

Tash spoke to The Fountain about her main influences as well as her other plans during the Fringe.

TF: You are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, how exciting?

I sure am! It’s my third time coming to the Festival, but my first time producing my very own show. So it’s exciting, but a little bit scary too!

TF: Adulting certainly sounds intriguing, what is the premise?

Well, essentially it’s a show about how much we struggle to be Adults these days… in particular how much I struggle with it actually! Based off the iconic #adulting that has trended on twitter quite a bit over the years, I found it hilarious that we now celebrate doing very basic things in life – like paying bills on time, having a job, feeding ourselves with food that’s not just from a McDonald’s drivethru… etc etc.. The rules for being an adult have changed now. It’s not just about getting a full time job, buying a house and getting married any more – we now want to be fulfilled in what we do with our lives, our relationships look different now and buying a house well … it’s a whole lot harder now, and even if we want to it’s probably going to cost us the “fulfilled career” path.

TF: And what drove the project, where did your influences lie?

I love telling stories that people can relate to. I write cabaret so people can feel connected in this crazy crazy world. My shows are always particularly auto-biographical, so it’s amazing how many people come up to me after the show and say “OMG you are literally me! I’ve had an engagement at nineteen, thousands in parking fines and I’m obsessed with nuggets too!”. My influences for story writing and comedy come from a mixture of comedians like Sarah Silverman and Tina Fey, with the musical stylings of Tina Turner and Amy Winehouse. Sarcastic, ballsy and big-haired!

TF: What are your plans for the Fringe, have you been before?

Yeah I’ve been before, hence why I’m coming back! AND not only and I performing my show this fringe but I am also hosting the After Hours Cabaret Club. We have a live band and amazing burlesque, sideshow and circus acts. I get to MC these beauties on stage, and sing with the band – it’s a pretty wild time. So my plans are doing shows, running from gig to gig, drinking wine, eating nuggets, and probably more running, with probably a bit of crying into some hot chips because I’m so happy slash exhausted. So far I’m booked to do thirty-eight shows while I’m there plus fifteen spots and counting – who needs sleep right?

TF: And what are your future plans beyond Adulting?

Writing even more shows, and touring more of the world. I currently perform shows on cruise ships around the South Pacific, but to add a few more international destinations would be swell. Mainly though, I hope to continue making enough money from my creative pursuits that perhaps one day I can afford a car that’s worth more than my iPhone…ahhh… one day.

Adulting, Underbelly – Buttercup, 1st – 27th August (No Show Aug 13th), 7.55pm