Holander has released her highly anticipated single, entitled Smoke, featuring glossy synths, iridescent soundscapes and warm vocals. Holander focuses her music on empowering herself and others and has studied social change, as well as practicing feminism and advocacy for LGBTQ and minority groups.

She spoke with The Fountain about what Smoke means to her and more on her favourite performance.

TF: A new single release, how exciting, what can we expect?

Smoke was a really exciting exploration for me; I started to crack open genre-wise. This single is very guitar-heavy, leaning into this kind of alt-pop/alt-rock world.

To me, this song feels like electricity. It has a very special place in my heart, about that moment when you let go of your inhibitions and let go of the fear of getting hurt. It’s the most intense love song I’ve ever written. You can expect to be taken somewhere else, and to vibe out!

TF: And do you have anything more scheduled for the year, an EP, an LP, when can we look forward to that?

I’ve got some more singles lined up currently, and hopefully will put together an EP very soon.

TF: And are you touring soon, will we have the pleasure of seeing you in Scotland soon?

I just played finished up a show in LA at The Satellite and I’m doing a small tour of the west coast. I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, so hopefully soon! I’ll talk to my people haha!

TF: And of course it is that time of year, have you performed at lots of festivals this summer?

I’m actually a bit more in the studio right now, making new music. I think next summer we will be going for the festival circuit though!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Well, my favourite gig to date would have to be my last gig at The Satellite LA. LA is such a magical place. I played with some amazing artists and that show had crazy energy. I could feel the audience singing along and with me every step of the way. I could feel people dancing with me and getting out of their comfort zone, which is my favourite part about playing shows. If I can make one person let go of their insecurities and dance/sing their heart out, it’s a successful show.

I also played a festival earlier this year called Women Fuck Shit Up Fest, which was centered around female-fronted acts; I loved being a part of that and supporting all the amazing female talent out there. I definitely felt super empowered by that festival and super inspired by the female music community.