Chris Drummond: It’s simply extraordinary language and brilliant storytelling

One of Australia’s top theatre companies will make it to Edinburgh this year with award-winning reimaginging of brutally funny and profound short story by Nobel Prize winner Patrick White. Featuring live music from the Zephyr Quartet and spectacular lighting design by Tony Award winner Nigel Levings, it sounds intriguing.
Chris Drummond, Artistic Director of Brink, spoke with The Fountain about what we are likely to expect from The Aspirations of Daise Morrow, and what inspired him to work with Patrick White’s work.

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Ayesha Hazarika: It’s about how women are often pitted against each other

Ayesha Hazarika is returning back to Edinburgh this year with her second show: Girl On Girl: The Fight For Feminism. Comedian and ex-political adviser, who made her hilarious debut last year with The State Of The Nation, is back with a feminist show tackling issues post #MeToo.
Ayesha spoke with The Fountain about her plans for Fringe and what we can expect from the show.

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Review: Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and Friends – New Worlds Rating 80%

Review: Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and Friends – New Worlds

Being the cultural trashfire of a human being that I am it means I am oblivious to major events that I’d love to attend until way after they’ve occurred. Having grown up on a heavy diet of Bill Murray films in my youth to the slightly leaner output of his Wes Anderson offerings I was genuinely delighted to be asked by my editor if I’d like to cover this event. While I am closer in character to Murray’s famous grumpy cynic in Groundhog Day I’d like to think I’m only an ice sculpture away from that facade melting away.

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Review: Tim Key – Megadate Rating 85%

Review: Tim Key – Megadate

As we file into Traverse 1, Tim Key is already pacing in wait. Pint in hand he eyes up his audience like prey. Not in a bad way, more in the manner of an eager, if slightly cocky, man in a bar on a Friday night, surveying his prospects. But of course, this is after all a Megadate and we are all on it with him.

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John & Claire Lenahan: It’s fun scaring strangers when they hear just one side of a conversation

Comedy duo keep it in the family, at the Edinburgh Fringe, as Uncle and Niece, magic and comedy double act, John and Claire Lenahan, are about to hit Just The Tonic Caves for the month of August with their show Loud & Louder.
The duo spoke to The Fountain about performing at the Fringe, how they got into magic and the funny sides of being in a double act with your relatives.

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Review: Year Zero Rating 40%

Review: Year Zero

Immerse Productions’ marketing is impressive. The blurb, social media hype, trailer and interviews suggest an exciting, modern and innovative experience that takes a look at political unrest combined alongside what might happen in a catastrophic international emergency scenario. It’s exciting to see immersive theatre happening locally (even during the Fringe the offering is relatively limited) and during the rest of the year it’s practically non existent. Unfortunately this production doesn’t do the genre the best service.

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Jorgie Porter: The character I’m playing now, Iris Kelly, is sort of like a dream come true.

Jorgie Porter rose to fame playing the feisty Theresa McQueen on Hollyoaks and entertained us in the jungle when she took part in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Now she’s playing wannabe ballerina Iris Kelly in a new production of Fame. The hit musical will be visiting Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen as part of a UK wide tour this summer and Jorgie took some time out of her busy schedule to chat to us about it.

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Review: Thriller Live Rating 55%

Review: Thriller Live

It must be said that Thriller Live really misses an opportunity here to serve up a substantial musical about the life of Michael Jackson, which is just begging to be written. Termed as a ‘jukebox musical’, it teetered dangerously close to an X-Factor competition at times. The soloists, all gifted singers, brought various elements of Michael Jackson’s songs to life; but each song unfolded with a variety of vocalists rotating a few lines each in their best imitations, which quickly became jarring to listen to.

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Review: Wicked Rating 98%

Review: Wicked

It’s unlikely you’re reading this to find out if Wicked is any good. Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman’s musical has taken the world by storm, or should that be tornado, since its inception in 2003. The thousands of performances in the West End and on Broadway, as well as productions in fourteen more countries, speak volumes, and this touring production at the Edinburgh Playhouse is an unexpectedly brilliant piece of musical theatre. But there’s a lot more to Wicked than just superb production values, performances and hit songs.

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Review: The Persians

In actuality this play contains no Persian characters, but it does contain a Scotswoman and an Irishwoman walking into the office of an Englishman. Sound familiar? This may not be a pub, as the joke goes, but it pretty much turns into one over the course of the play and before long the joke is very much on this trio of hapless, yet strong minded, politicians.

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Review: Gut Rating 95%

Review: Gut

What is trust? Do you trust you family? Your friends? How about your partner’s friends? How do we retain it or rebuild that trust if it’s lost? The new play Gut from Frances Poet is all about trust – or gut instinct – and that’s explored here in painful detail.

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