Harbingers Drum Crew: We’re really excited to also to extend our involvement into the Hogmanay night celebrations as well

Edinburgh Hogmanay is taking the street party back to the Royal Mile, under the umbrella theme, Be Together. Part of that street party is the theatre offering, which sees Edinburgh’s Harbingers Drum Crew collaborating with German company Dundu, to create a puppetry spectacle with huge sound and light. Sam from Harbingers Drum Crew spoke with The Fountain about this in more depth.

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Hannah Bradley: We’ve spent a lot of time in making sure those characters feel real

Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group has established itself as one of the city’s most respected amateur companies, earning a reputation for tackling challenging work. And the theatre company builds upon that tradition with Catch-22 – the rarely performed script made its UK debut in 2014 to mixed reviews. Director Hannah Bradley, whose directorial debut won her an award at the SCDA One Act Festival, first fell in love with Heller’s novel as a teenager, and was captivated by its use of irony and wordplay to reflect the cyclical and timeless nature of warfare. Hannah spoke with The Fountain about working on this adaptation.

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Review: Fibres Rating 76%

Review: Fibres

Stellar Quines alongside the Citizens Theatre kicked off the run of their play, Fibres, in Paisley’s Art Centre, with much sold-out success. A play that considers family, loss, grief and love, there is poignancy , yet hope, with this production, as part of the Citizens Women series.

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Christina Liddell: Glimpsing Air Pockets is an immersive, multi-sensory dance theatre production

Glimpsing Air Pockets is a multi-sensory dance theatre production in collaboration with children and young people from the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh. Christina Liddell began working in partnership with the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity from September 2016 to offer dance sessions to children and young people within the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. In consultation with physiotherapists, her remit assists in the recuperation of the children’s physical and emotional well-being by providing creative movement and dance. Christina had no idea what profound impact the children and young people would have on her own perspective on life. Glimpsing Air Pockets has been created as a poetic response from these many beautiful encounters. The Fountain caught up with to Christina to discuss the production in more detail.

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Review: Fallen Fruit Rating 70%

Review: Fallen Fruit

Faced with imminent departure from the European Union, taking stock of values through art and exploring the past seems an important and worthwhile pursuit. Two Destination Language production, Fallen Fruit, gives us an opportunity to do so whilst proving simplicity of design can convey the most effective messages. Written and performed by Katherina Radevaby we get an immersive insight into the Bulgarian born theatre maker’s life in the 1980s through the utilisation of little more than cardboard boxes.

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Review: The Panopticon Rating 80%

Review: The Panopticon

In this technological world, The Panopticon looms above us all as an invisible observer ensuring we will police ourselves. This image, represented by the imposing crescent walls of Max John’s set, serves both as the literal setting and as a grounding metaphor for National Theatre of Scotland’s staging of Jenni Fagan’s novel. Far from being concerned with abstractions or literary allusions, Debbie Hannan’s adaptation cuts through to an altogether more personal and powerful story; one which captures the tempestuousness of early teenage years against the backdrop of a care system that lets down those that most need protection .

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Review: The Drift Rating 86%

Review: The Drift

The Drift is a stunningly poignant journey through history, through Scottishness, identity, and grief. Writer and performer, Hannah Lavery, after her Edinburgh Fringe show has been picked up by the National Theatre of Scotland to tour this woefully nostalgic spoken word show.

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Review: One Man, Two Guvnors (National Theatre Live) Rating 90%

Review: One Man, Two Guvnors (National Theatre Live)

For the first five minutes, watching a stage play on a screen in a theatre is weird. But after that we forget and we immerse – bar the odd zoom in and theatrical bits of acting. It’s a long one at three hours and ten minutes (including a 15-minute interval) and to begin with, doesn’t seem to be a piece that can carry that duration. The opening scene is a dull bit of exposition, slightly over-egged by a few of the cast who seem to be better suited for the distance of stage than screen.

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Nick Helm: This is me going back to what I started doing

Always a man who likes an incendiary show title, Phoenix From The Flames represents Nick Helm’s return to something like his old self. The man who starred in BBC Three’s wonderfully charming Uncle, fronted a food programme for Dave entitled Eat Your Heart Out, and will soon appear in series two of Romesh Ranganathan’s Sky sitcom The Reluctant Landlord, has always given off the vibe that just about anything could happen during one of his live extravaganzas. And he is bringing this show on a tour that includes Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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