Anna Drezen: Doing the Edinburgh Fringe has been a dream of mine

The Saturday Night Live writer and former editor-at-large of online satirical women’s magazine Reductress comes to the Fringe for the first time with a show all about true crime, the dark side of reality TV and very powerful ghosts. Anna Drezen is at the Pleasance Courtyard for the month of August with her show, Okay Get Home Safe!, and spoke with The Fountain about the influences and Edinburgh plans as a first time Fringe performer.

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Arabella Weir: Edinburgh’s like New York – if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere

The mother of all confessional shows from the bestselling author and star of The Fast Show and Two Doors Down, Does My Mum Loom Big In This? is for everyone who’s had a mother or been a mother, featuring hair-raising hilarious true stories from Arabella Weir’s dysfunctional childhood, her perilous career and her life as a single working mother. With Arabella hitting the Fringe this year, she spoke with The Fountain about the premise of her show and her plans whilst in Edinburgh for August.

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Steve Day: Every show is different and there’s no way of knowing how it will go

Comedian Steve Day is bringing his acclaimed bittersweet, heart-warming and updated one man show about his father’s dementia back to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. Steve’s dad died of Alzheimers. There’s nothing he can do about it except remember the way he was. Since his teens he has also been deaf but has new hearing aids so now he’s going through all the music he’s missed since then. A lot of this reminds him of his dad. Steve spoke with The Fountain about the Fringe show and offered tips to Fringe first time performers.

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Daniel Nicholas: It’s essentially a stand up game show about nostalgia

A stand-up game show. If you remember MSN and video game soundtracks from the 90s, then you won’t forget this show. Daniel Nicholas, takes you on a journey to work out whether nostalgia is actually a good thing. It includes a game where everyone has to pretend to be sick and gets fed Jaffa Cakes. That’s right. Daniel Nicholas spoke with The Fountain about his inspiration behind the show.

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Alexandria MacLeod: We’re just looking forward to being back and having some fun

No one knows who the killer is, not even the cast! The improvised comedy murder mystery is back! Following three sell-out years at the Edinburgh Fringe, CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation returns creating a 100% brand-new whodunnit every show to solve an outlandish murder invented by the audience. Someone’s kicked the bucket. But who, what and how? Alexandria MacLeod from the cast spoke with The Fountain about the show and their plans for the Fringe.

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Laura Lexx: I tend to write about whatever is most prevalent on my mind

After her sell-out 2018 show, Trying, which earned her the prestigious Comedian’s Choice Best Performer Award, star of Live At The Apollo, Laura Lexx brings her latest Edinburgh solo hour – Knee Jerk – to shine a hilarious light on how hard it is to be a good person these days. Laura spoke with The Fountain about the show, and what she would advise to any first time Fringe performers.

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Review: 25 Live Rating 85%

Review: 25 Live

Many large scale theatre organisations would choose a glitzy, showbizzy approach to a 25th birthday celebration, full of well-known names and the high profile resident companies that frequently grace its stage. The Festival Theatre hosts major touring productions, including (in the past year) the likes of the National Theatre’s War Horse and Cameron Mackintosh’s Miss Saigon.

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Review: Take Me Somewhere 2019 Rating 78%

Review: Take Me Somewhere 2019

Now into its third year, I am surprised to find I have never attended a single Take Me Somewhere event. However, I am definitely not surprised to learn that the festival was a response to the closure of The Arches, as a venue in Glasgow, who would host some experimental art and theatre, often with the audience being “integral” to these performances. I have certainly attended those pre-closure. 2019 sees an Afro-Futurist performance party, Brownton Abbey; a choreographic response to the collective mental health of UK residents since the Brexit vote; talking rice-cookers; witching rituals; bingeing on box sets; a trip to the Cairngorms mountain range; and an artist sitting on a giant plinth of ice on top of an altar, and these were merely a handful of events on offer at this years Take Me Somewhere. I had the pleasure of a few of these events along with the help of writer, Naomi Walmsley, which pushed me a little outside of my comfort zone (I am really not into the whole notion of audience participation). There were unique and not quite so easy to critique, but hope gave an all-rounded view of the eccentric and sporadic nature of this festival as well as it’s stimulating components.

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Radu Isac: I started with the title and wrote the show around it

Radu Isac started comedy in 2006 in his native Romania, being one of ten professional comedians performing in Romanian. He made several TV appearances as well as playing a comedian in the Romanian feature film Website Story. He also wrote a regular column for the leading satirist magazine Academia Catavencu and was a special guest in the final episode for the stand up comedy X-Factor style show’ Iumor. This year he is coming to Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival and spoke with The Fountain about his new show, Good Excuses For Sociopaths.

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Review: Blue Raincoat Theatre’s Alice in Wonderland Rating 81%

Review: Blue Raincoat Theatre’s Alice in Wonderland

Descending into the madness of the world of Lewis Carroll and the tales of Alice and the White Rabbit, I took a trip to the Tron Theatre to witness the Irish adaptation from the creative team that brought you Shackleton and The Third Policeman. The Blue Raincoat Theatre have adapted and produced a whirlwind rendition of the timeless classic with sumptuous visuals to avoid you looking at your watch (like the white rabbit). With beguiling portrayals of the key characters with much of an Irishness to them, this production throws you into the midst of madness for the hour and a half or so that you are sat in the theatre.

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Review: Turn the Night Rating 79%

Review: Turn the Night

Titch is all fired up for another karaoke night in the social club, and he has all the usual punters. Caroline, who enjoys the escape of a night out singing and Kevin, who has been helping him out with the long term aspiration of making it on one of those reality TV programmes because that’s where success really lies. And then there is Rick, who adds a spark of controversy, pivoting the narrative. A one-man show from Over the Wall’s Gav Prentice, Turn the Night has more than you can imagine when you consider it is precisely that, a one-man show, but with many layers creeping in than just another night at the karaoke, there is a nostalgic intelligence about this short gig performance.

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