Review: I Love You…But, Fringe 2018 Rating 67%

Review: I Love You…But, Fringe 2018

Many years ago, when I was writing a play about domestic violence I found a list on the internet titled something like “20 ways to know if you are being psychologically abused.” It was unpleasant reading, mainly because emotional abuse is often subtle and covert, and (for the one on the receiving end) imperceptible at first.

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Review: Big Love, Fringe 2018 Rating 52%

Review: Big Love, Fringe 2018

I’ve often wondered what or who the American High School Theatre Festival is or are. It seems they bring a bunch of shows and make their home in a single venue, formerly Church Hill Theatre and this year, Central Hall. I was drawn to one of their shows because, like all my Fringe reviews this year, it was longlisted by Amnesty International for the Freedom of Expression Award 2018.

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Peter Baker: There really is nothing like the Fringe

Fresh from a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe at Pleasance last year, and currently enjoying a West End residency at Leicester Square Theatre, Degrees of Error bring their hilarious and innovative Murder, She Didn’t Write back up to Fringe Festival 2018.
Peter Baker who plays Mr Green in the comedy, spoke with The Fountain about their joy in bringing Murder, She Didn’t Write back to Edinburgh audiences.

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Review: Dreamgun – Silence of the Lambs, Fringe 2018 Rating 61%

Review: Dreamgun – Silence of the Lambs, Fringe 2018

The premise of Dreamgun sounds swell, and right up the alley of a previous film student (yes, I did consume movies to get a degree) so we took ourselves to the Underbelly Dairy Room, situated round the back of the Teviot building, an offshoot of Bristo Square, in one of those stunning University buildings. To put you straight this group of Irish comedians and actors take a film script, doctoring it to produce an hour long parody, performed by the same group of cast unrehearsed, which thereby has no shortage of adlib or a comic wit, it lends itself to that rather nicely.

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Nell Leyshon: It’s a transformation story, an inspirational tale

Three Letters is one of nine specially-commissioned audio dramas being recorded in front of a live audience for BBC Radio 3 at Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. Playwright and star, Nell Leyshon, was specifically commissioned for this project, telling her own story of how her reinvention of herself after children was halted by illness.
Nell spoke with The Fountain about the autobiographical aspect of this play as well as providing great advice for aspiring playwrights.

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Henry Maynard: We’ve always created work where the fourth wall is at least flexible

From the makers of Boris and Sergey, Tatterdemalian and Skrimshanks, Flabbergast Theatre are back at Edinburgh’s Fringe to bring audiences a spectacularly immersive experience where they will be transported back to the 1800’s for a night of clowning, cabaret and debauchery.
Henry Maynard talks to The Fountain about the premise of The Swell Mob as well as his plans for the Fringe.

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Review: Zoe Lyons – Entry Level Human, Fringe 2018 Rating 79%

Review: Zoe Lyons – Entry Level Human, Fringe 2018

So what is an Entry Level Human? That was clearly the question on everyone’s mind as they were entering the Gilded Balloon at the Teviot, in to see Zoe Lyon’s show, which is observational comedy at it’s best. An impersonation of a fly that is like a drunk Glaswegian that is struggling to get out along with her climbing into the shoes of a hotel cleaner having to clean a carpet full of motivational sayings, make this laugh-out-loud comedy that with it’s attention to detail and weaving of anecdotes encourages more than just a chuckle.

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Review: Killymuck, Fringe 2018 Rating 82%

Review: Killymuck, Fringe 2018

The one-person show on the Festival Fringe is an admirable feat. To sustain a theatrical monologue, especially one that is (or appears to be) a personal narrative, requires good timing, firm structure, and enough tonal variation in order to hold the audience. It also needs slick technical back-up.

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Review: What Girls Are Made Of, Fringe 2018 Rating 95%

Review: What Girls Are Made Of, Fringe 2018

We experience a slightly physically altered performance of What Girls are Made Of, the autobiographical mapping of writer and lead actor Cora Bissett’s pivotal moments in music, family and choices that led to her being on the stage, albeit restricted in movement by a leg injury, tonight. Had we not been told we wouldn’t have noticed as Bissett’s presence is still a very physical one, an energy tangibly added to by the facts of memoir drawn from her diaries and an unannounced stash of her press clippings kept by her late father.

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Review: Kieran and the Whale, The Homesick Submarine Broadcasting Company, Fringe 2018 Rating 80%

Review: Kieran and the Whale, The Homesick Submarine Broadcasting Company, Fringe 2018

As a claustrophobe, I find sitting in small, dark windowless Fringe venues a wee bit of a challenge, but The Homesick Submarine Broadcasting Company make a virtue of their small, dark windowless room: yes, this is a show set on a submarine! A pirate radio show set on a submarine. What do you mean, you’ve never heard of underwater pirate radio? Newcastle-based musician Kieran Rafferty and comedian John Whale offer a mash-up of live music and stand-up, in the guise of two mildly inept radio presenters producing pirate content while submerged not-that-far out to sea (they keep getting busted by the authorities when the tide goes out).

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