Chris Stuart Wilson: It once again recognises the value of the arts to older people

At 2pm every Tuesday and Friday over the coming weeks, and possibly months, a new short film will be posted online by Luminate to inspire and guide older people through a creative activity that can be done at home or in a care home. The [email protected] programme is designed to help people stay engaged and active until the crisis has passed and the activities will be presented by professional artists who work regularly with older people in community and care settings, and will feature different arts forms. Chris Stuart Wilson who led an online dance class on Friday 27th March spoke with The Fountain about this project, and what inspired him personally to get involved.

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Review: I Think We Are Alone Rating 70%

Review: I Think We Are Alone

Since its inception 25 years ago, Frantic Assembly has blazed a trail as perhaps the most innovative and exciting physical theatre company in the UK. I saw their second-ever production, Generations Trilogy: Klub, at a small theatre in Dorset in the late 1990s and was blown away, by the high octane, contemporary and energetic production.

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Review: Dial M for Murder, Granite Noir 2020 Rating 93%

Review: Dial M for Murder, Granite Noir 2020

Running in line with the Granite Noir festival this is a story of love and murder, set in 1963. Tony Wendice, played by Tom Chambers, finds out his wife Margot (Sally Bretton) has been having an affair; and so plots “the perfect crime”. Written by Frederick Knott as his first play, the story is well known from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie version in 1954.

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Review: Swan Lake Rating 80%

Review: Swan Lake

It’s not every day that an audience gets to witness the process and development of artists, which is exactly what we were able to do in this gorgeous performance of this pinnacle ballet.

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Review: The Three Sisters Rating 78%

Review: The Three Sisters

When approaching Chekhov, the big question is this: are his plays funny, or tragic? On a rare trip to Bedlam Theatre, I was curious to see how the EUTC had tackled this tricky issue in The Three Sisters. As director Sara Cemin said of the play, it is “the classic every actor dreams of starring in and every director dreads putting on.”

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Janey Godley: I first did the voiceovers live at the Wild Cabaret club in Glasgow

She’s been dubbed the ‘godmother of Scottish comedy’ and numbers Billy Connolly among her fans. Now, Janey Godley is set to spread her appeal across the nation as this quintessentially Glaswegian comic takes the Soup Pot Tour over the border and down south. “There will be a different demographic politically at these shows, but remember Nicola Sturgeon gets it in the neck from me as well. I will have to speak slower and make sure that it’s not all about just hating the Tories, though that will be difficult. But by and large, people who come to stand-up are open-minded people, they tend not to be died-in-the-wool Brexiteers who hate the Scottish.”

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Susie McCabe: I’ve written a show’s worth of material about Brexit

Susie McCabe needed to have a strong word with herself as she set out on writing her new show, Born Believer. This rising star of the UK stand-up scene, who has supported the likes of Jason Manford, Zoe Lyons and Stewart Francis along the way and has been the fastest-selling act at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival for three years in succession, is not a natural optimist. But she was determined to prove that she could change her disposition from cynical to positive.

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Foil Arms & Hog: It’s so much harder to write for stage so we have to put way more effort in

Foil Arms and Hog are Sean Finegan (Foil), Conor McKenna (Arms) and Sean Flanagan (Hog), who met at University College Dublin while studying architecture, engineering and genetics, and decided to give all that up to pursue the noble art of being downright silly, yet observational, yet sometimes very topical and refreshingly philosophical. On tour this year with show, Swines, The Fountain caught up with the trio to discuss the show and their highlights on the tour.

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Review: The Snow Queen Rating 65%

Review: The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen marks the culmination in a string of events celebrating fifty years of the Scottish Ballet, and it did the job beautifully. The narrative is newly created in a collaboration between designer Lez Brotherston and director Christopher Hampson. Add to this the compelling score; tailored by Richard Honner, from over thirty works by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov including The Snow Maiden – and what’s delivered is an inspired new creation that feels distinctly fresh.

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Review: Pinocchio Rating 78%

Review: Pinocchio

The tale of Pinocchio is given a festive twist this December, as part of the Citizens Theatre, running until 4th January 2020. A Citizens Theatre production in association with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, this prodution which at times borders panto (there is audience participation, be warned) is a warm-hearted tale, ideal for rekindling the festive magic of this time of year.

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