Review: Selling – On Reflection Rating 81%

Review: Selling – On Reflection

Battles, Errors, Jon Hopkins all spring to mind at various different point in the LP offering from Selling, formed of two giants of the electronic word, Derwin Dicker, aka Gold Panda, and Jas Shaw, one half of Simian Mobile Disco. The duo’s debut album On Reflection is available on physical release from 14th December via City Slang. Following the news that Jas Shaw has been diagnosed with AL amyloidosis, and is receiving chemotherapy treatment, they have decided not to tour this year but hopefully we will hear of a change to this news next year.

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Review: How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T Smith Rating 91%

Review: How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T Smith

Illustrator and writer, Alex T Smith, has conjured up the warmest, most heartfelt and giving of books you are likely to see this season in this advent-style delight, How Winston Delivered Christmas. Packed with Christmas gift ideas, recipes, and Christmas songs, this book is more than just a story, it would turn even the most Scrooge-bah humbug types. How Winston Delivered Christmas will light up many homes this Winter, and not just those with small people in them.

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Review: Sweet Fruit, Sour Land by Rebecca Ley Rating 85%

Review: Sweet Fruit, Sour Land by Rebecca Ley

Sweet Fruit, Sour Land is the debut work by Rebecca Ley, a graduate of the creative writing Master’s at City University – but more notably than this it has won this year’s Guardian Not the Booker Prize. Set in a dystopian and famine-hit London, it tells the story of two women – Mathilde, who has immigrated from an equally barren France and finds herself in higher circles after her grandmother makes a dress for the hostess of one of its many parties, and Jaminder, whom Mathilde meets at one of these parties. The novel tells how both women are drawn into this world and Mathilde is taken in by George, a corrupt government minister who is able to procure extra food for her and her grandmother and keep her from having to conceive. Likewise Mathilde and Jaminder form an intense bond, but the tide seems to be against them.

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Review: Bellevue Square by Michael Redhill Rating 58%

Review: Bellevue Square by Michael Redhill

At one point I think I have a grip of Bellevue Square and what exactly is happening and then before you know it I am lost, in the dark and struggling to work out what exactly has just happened in this whirlwind ride of a book. Having won the Giller Prize in 2017, one of the most prestigious literary prizes in Canada, there is obviously much credibility to the writing, and I must admit, certainly initially, at the beginning of the novel, it was impossible to put down. However, it does lose me throughout the story, and I don’t just think that is because my thoughts were meandering.

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Bridesmen: I’m all about being truthful and gentle with your emotions

Kenton Chen, otherwise known as Bridesmen, has just revealed the video for his new track, Someone Who Loves Me, and is working towards the release of an EP in 2019. The LA-based artist has worked with Postmodern Jukebox, and has toured with Kesha and Mary J Blige.
Kenton spoke with The Fountain about his plans for 2019 as well as what it was like to tour with Kesha.

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Review: Vessel – Queen of Golden Dogs Rating 68%

Review: Vessel – Queen of Golden Dogs

Queen of Golden Dogs, the third album from Vessel, or Sebastian Gainsborough as otherwise known, was conceived, developed and recorded into life over eighteen months of solitude in rural Wales. Essentially, it is an introspective works focussing on uncertainty and change, which perhaps explains the erratic shifts in the tempo and style throughout the record.

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Review: Shoplifters Rating 95%

Review: Shoplifters

Earlier this year I reviewed Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-Eda’s film The Third Murder. Departing from his traditional style, the main issue I had was that with this change, some of the greater emotional depth of his prior work did not quite make the transition. Now, within the same year (in the UK at least) he returns to familiar ground with Shoplifters, and with it comes the cementing of Kore-Eda as one of Japan’s greatest filmmakers, living or dead.

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Review: The First Christmas Jumper (and the Sheep Who Changed Everything) by Ryan Tubridy and Chris Judge Rating 80%

Review: The First Christmas Jumper (and the Sheep Who Changed Everything) by Ryan Tubridy and Chris Judge

The First Christmas Jumper is the second children’s book by Ryan Tubridy, the Irish television presenter best known for being the current host of The Late Late Show. Inspired by his own fondness for Christmas jumpers, it tells the story of Hillary, a sheep with rainbow-coloured wool who loves Christmas. Hillary lives in a field with the other sheep owned by jelly baby-obsessed Farmer Jimmy, and she can most often be found daydreaming – again, usually about Christmas. One year, Santa Claus is on the hunt for the perfect sheep’s wool with which to make a jumper to keep warm during his annual present rounds – could Hillary’s multi-coloured fleece be just what he’s looking for?

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Review: Nativity! the Musical Rating 85%

Review: Nativity! the Musical

Coventry meets Hollywood in Nativity! the Musical, a festive explosion of joy, glitter and feel good escapism. It’s fairly impossible not to leave with a smile on your face after a couple of hours in the company of this energetic cast, made up of largely, small children. Nativity! was of course a hit British film, with two sequels, now reincarnated as a stage production.

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Review: Suspiria Rating 87%

Review: Suspiria

When I first heard that there was to be a remake of 1977 cult sinister feature, Suspiria, I was dubious that it would live up to the name Dario Argento has given this grisly horror. However, you only have to consider two names attached to this remake to give you room to reconsider this scepticism, Tilda Swinton and Thom Yorke, two very much acclaimed in their fields. Considering the changes to the plot without any spoilers it is obvious that Luca Guadagnino is not one hundred per cent loyal to the original but that does not necessarily take anything away, if anything it seems to open the doors to surprise, surprise, a sequel.

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Review: Museum Lates – Rip It Up! Rating 65%

Review: Museum Lates – Rip It Up!

The National Museum of Scotland on the capital’s Chambers Street is an impressive space at any time of day, but the Museum Lates events of recent years have allowed the venerable establishment to display an altogether more glamorous and provocative side to its character.

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