Review: Meursault – Crow Hill Rating 69%

Review: Meursault – Crow Hill

The more the merrier seems to be Edinburgh-based Meursault’s motto for their long-anticipated album Crow Hill, a remastered version of the digitally released Fuck Off Back to Art School and Other Stories from last year, which blends a kaleidoscope of musical experimentations with mini narratives from a fictive small town.

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Review: Michael Jablonka – Go-Go Rating 77%

Review: Michael Jablonka – Go-Go

Michael Jablonka is renowned for performing with the soulful award-nominated and winner, Michael Kiwanuka. but certainly shows with new EP, Go-Go, that he can hold his own as a solo performer. Establishing a Rootsy-blues, American-rock kind of sound, his four-track record is clearly influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Beck and Hendrix, whilst centring around an old drum machine he picked up in New York.

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Review: Honeyblood Rating 85%

Review: Honeyblood

oneyblood, formed originally as a duo in 2012, is now the solo project of Edinburgh-born and Glasgow-based indie-rock singer, guitarist and songwriter Stina Tweeddale. Honeyblood’s recently-released third album, In Plain Sight, has already attracted a fair few highly favourable reviews, and the UK tour to promote the album included a sold-out gig at Edinburgh’s Summerhall on 3rd June. For this tour, the self-styled High Priestess of Scottish witchy-rock, Stina Tweeddale, assembled a live band consisting of herself and two other feisty characters in drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson and bassist Anna Donigan. “Edinburgh…it’s been too long!” exclaimed Stina Tweeddale, as she took to the stage for this home town gig, informing us that her Mum and Dad were among the packed audience.

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Review: Sinkane – Dépaysé Rating 68%

Review: Sinkane – Dépaysé

Dépaysé is a great title for Sinkane;s new album, as it translates from French to mean “to be removed from one’s habitual surroundings.” An album that amalgamates many cultures, Western and Eastern, it’s nomadic in nature and ideal for the summer festival months, as they quickly approach us. Musically uplifting pop, it has summer festival written all over it, but the title hints at something deeper. Ahmed Gallab who is Sinkane has certainly with the integral band capturing the party atmosphere and joyful celebration that their live shows are now known for.

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Review: Teeth of the Sea Rating 83%

Review: Teeth of the Sea

Teeth Of The Sea took themselves to Glasgow’s Broadcast to promote their new album, Wraith, supported by the local Glasgow-based Nothing>Universe. With their performance at the Science Museum in London fast-approaching for the ‘Apollo Moon Shot’ screening on June 21st, as well as the arrival of the new album there is much anticipation and excitement in the venue pre-set, and after their performance, well it all made sense and fell into place.

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Review: Jules Rawlinson, Interval and Instance Rating 82%

Review: Jules Rawlinson, Interval and Instance

As part of the most recent Cryptic programme, composer Jules Rawlinson composed and performed a new live score to archival footage from pioneering Scottish scientific filmmaker Eric Lucey and in an examination of speed, motion and scale. Creating a score that accompanies effectively to all three screens of alternate rotating archival footage is the task at hand and one Rawlinson achieves, with an industrial drone and discord that drills through you as you tune into the hypnotic footage.

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Review: Hot Chip – A Bath Full of Ecstasy Rating 81%

Review: Hot Chip – A Bath Full of Ecstasy

It’s crazy to think that A Bath Full of Ecstasy is Hot Chip’s seventh offering but since Coming on Strong was released in 2004, they have had a success of distinctively successful albums over the last fifteen years, and I doubt they are going to lose this reputation anytime soon, with this new one. An inherently fresh, and new sound for Hot Chip, albeit clinging onto all their endearing elements, which tell you it’s definitely still this band, A Bath Full of Ecstasy sees them use outside producers from the offset. This is the first time the band have chosen to do this. Working with Philippe Zdar (Cat Power, Beastie Boys, Phoenix, Cassius) and Rodaidh McDonald (The XX, Sampha, David Byrne), there is a notable shift in the sound, but one that to my ears, enhances the sweet sound of Alexis Taylor’s vocals, and those melodies.

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Review: Methyl Ethel & Maranta Rating 83%

Review: Methyl Ethel & Maranta

Methyl Ethel released Triage in February 2019 marking the Australian band’s third album, and are presently touring to promote this acclaimed release. Performing in Glasgow’s King Tuts, it’s safe to say you won’t see them in another small venue like this. With support from Edinburgh-based Maranta, there is very much a good-time vibe in the venue tonight, packed to the rafters with people expecting a fun-filled evening.

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Review: Jesse Mac Cormack – Now Rating 67%

Review: Jesse Mac Cormack – Now

Montreal born and based singer-songwriter Jesse Mac Cormack recently released new record, Now on Secret City Records, which has many influences, and genres coinciding on one record. Savage Garden, Radiohead and Lenny Kravitz all get head nods from the singer, whose album has been mixed by Matt Wiggins, who’s previously worked on Adele’s and U2’s albums.

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Review: Holy Moly & the Crackers – Take A Bite Rating 68%

Review: Holy Moly & the Crackers – Take A Bite

Creating fun party music, Holy Moly & The Crackers, have done this through Take A Bite, which is a concise, passionate take on folk, blues and indie rock. The new release, which came out in April via Pink Lane Records, is eleven three-minute skin-deep summer tracks, which demonstrates Ruth Patterson’s aurally-pleasing vocals. Placed somewhere between Gossip’s Beth Ditto and She Drew The Gun’s Louisa Roach, they appropriately belt out the euphoric tracks, such as All I Got Is You.

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Review: Lust For Youth – Lust For Youth Rating 65%

Review: Lust For Youth – Lust For Youth

Copenhagen-based Lust For Youth, duo Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer, return with their self-titled new album, which is set for release June 7th via Sacred Bones Records. With a sound that sits somewhere between New Order, Boxed In and yet also, some of the sounds that come from Soma Records, there is plenty going on with Lust For Youth. With a dance-pop agenda, which can often break into more reflective ballads, it’s often difficult to know where you’re at with a Lust For Youth track.

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Review: Calexico and Iron & Wine – Years To Burn Rating 78%

Review: Calexico and Iron & Wine – Years To Burn

Ahead of run of tour dates later in the year, Calexico and Iron & Wine soon release Years to Burn for their debut collaborative LP. They first made an artistic connection with In the Reins, an EP released in 2005 that brought the trio, Sam Beam, Joey Burns and John Convertino together. Offering their music up to a wider audience the collaboration has opened doors, crossed genres and brought together a plethora of influences that make for an interesting and varying album. With clear Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and yet also Dirty Three, Beirut and James Taylor Quartet head nods, there is much to keep their fans listening to this most recent offering.

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