Review: Bone China by Laura Purcell Rating 87%

Review: Bone China by Laura Purcell

The queen of spooky books is back with her third novel Bone China. Laura Purcell has become a name among the fans of storytelling that makes you question what is real and what is not. Both her previous novels The Silent Companions and The Corset followed the same pattern of narration that Bone China has adopted. There is a secret, there is unease, a strangeness that borders with the supernatural letting the readers decide for themselves whether or not the explanation is rational or magical.

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Review: The Vegan Leather Album Launch Rating 68%

Review: The Vegan Leather Album Launch

It was a late curfew for Paisley’s VLs last night, otherwise known as The Vegan Leather, playing to an exciteable fan base in Glasgow’s King Tut’s. With not one but two support bands to warm up their dedicated fan base, it was beyond the 10pm point before the headliners took to the stage to relish in the release of their new album, Poor Girs/Broken Boys.

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Review: Collective Consciousness, ESFF 2019 Rating 92%

Review: Collective Consciousness, ESFF 2019

Does film have the power to change society? With Ken Loach’s latest film, Sorry I Missed You now in cinemas, this seemed to be a very pertinent question when considering this selection of short films entitled Collective Consciousness. Co-hosted by the Cyrenians, it was clear from the start that there was an agenda: these films were intended to expose human rights abuse and exclusion, and to provoke discussion.

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Review: Moon Duo Rating 83%

Review: Moon Duo

Performing in Glasgow’s trendy Barras Art and Design on Hallows Eve, behind a screen, or what seemed like a tent, Moon Duo, with drummer in tow, were quite the spectacle sonically and visually, promoting their new album, Stars Are the Light. Packed out with music enthusiasts (and not a Halloween costume in sight), thee was a great deal of love for Moon Duo, as they both entered and left the stage.

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Review: Sunn o))) Rating 72%

Review: Sunn o)))

Currently on a creative high – both Life Metal and Pyroclasts from this year have seen career-best reviews – drone metal’s most respected druids seemed determined to level the Queen Margaret Union. With more amplifiers on stage than any act this side of My Bloody Valentine, Sunn O))) (pronounced ‘sun’) use music as a way of eliciting primal responses via repetition and sheer bloody volume. It reverberated around the venue, and inside everyone’s ribcages.

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Review: Slow Hollows – Actors Rating 78%

Review: Slow Hollows – Actors

LA-based band Slow Hollows have recently released new LP, Actors, via their self-run label Not Another Word, with exclusive license to AWAL. Twelve tracks of sheer pop, Actors is an album full of risks, with mich of the album an exploration of sound, crossing into other genres.

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