Chasing Shadows: There’s such a fantastic music scene in Scotland

Chasing Shadows are a four piece pop rock band based in North Wales. Influenced by their favourite bands (such as The Stereophonics, Foo Fighters and Green Day), their aim is to create an upbeat and exciting sound with catchy melodies. They have just released new EP, Darker Days, and track, Open Your Eyes, so spoke with The Fountain about the reception to their new single as well as their desire to perform in Scotland.

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Review: Amy Helm & Andrew Combs, Celtic Connections 2019 Rating 77%

Review: Amy Helm & Andrew Combs, Celtic Connections 2019

Amy Helm has a rich musical heritage, as she was brought up with Levon Helm as her father, the prolific drummer from The Band. American roots music has always been in her blood so, were we entirely surprised by her set? Well no, as she took Americana, gospel, blues and country and transformed them for the stage in Glasgow’s Oran Mor as part of Celtic Connections 2019. Promoting This Too Shall Light, Amy brought an all-rounded ‘circular sound’ to her fans, which received a vibrant reception.

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Thom Artway: In the end it has very optimistic vibe

Singer-songwriter Thom Artway is back with a stunning new track, ‘Can’t Wait, released today via Warner Music. Already one of the most acclaimed young musicians on the Czech music scene, Thom Artway’s third international release is taken from his upcoming second album, All I Know, due for release this Spring. Thom spoke with The Fountain about his plans for 2019 and the new single.

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LUENA: Love can be ‘worth it’ if you know it’s right

Fresh from supporting All Saints, currently supporting Boyzone, and about to embark on a national school’s tour to promote Children’s Mental Health Week, young talent LUENA is releasing her stunning breakout single Worth It today. She took some time out of her busy schedule to speak with The Fountain about the track as well the support she receives down in London.

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Review: Graham Costello’s STRATA Rating 95%

Review: Graham Costello’s STRATA

The music of Graham Costello’s STRATA is a bold, innovative and multi-layered thing of wonder, combining the polyrhythms, collective groove and improvisation of jazz, the raw energy and grit of post-rock and the ethereal and hypnotic qualities of minimalism. The band is drawn from the cream of Glasgow’s positively thriving jazz scene and comprises drummer, composer and bandleader Graham Costello, Fergus McCreadie on piano, trombonist Liam Shortall, Harry Weir on tenor sax, guitarist Joe Williamson and Mark Hendry on bass.

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Craig Angus: It is a record with energy, I certainly feel that way about it

Savage Mansion’s Craig Angus has much to look forward to with the release of their debut album, Revision Ballads, out this Friday, but he is also having a party to celebrate at Glasgow’s Hug and Pint. He takes a moment out to speak with The Fountain about how he came to meet Andrew, Jamie and Lewis from the band, after Poor Things split as well as the joy he feels working with Lost Map.

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Review: Peter Broderick Plays Arthur Russell, Celtic Connections 2019 Rating 95%

Review: Peter Broderick Plays Arthur Russell, Celtic Connections 2019

Sometimes it’s good to test the cohesion of unknowns and expectations. I’d never been to The Blue Arrow Jazz Club or seen Peter Broderick in any of his genre hopping incarnations either solo or with Efterklang before I went to see him sing Arthur Russell at Celtic Connections. I’ve obviously only ever seen Arthur Russell the late, equally multi-skilled cellist, experimental composer and generally accomplished musician, producer and singer in a documentary, so it was an evening of open- minded approach to the new. Before, and indeed at the sold- out gig, people said to me that they consider Broderick to be the real unsung hero of the Erased Tapes label, emphasising his skilled multi-instrumentalism and willingness to embrace the new. There was certainly a buzz about the small club where the bulk of the audience also came early to hear Gerard Black from Glasgow band Babe perform a solo set that clearly demonstrated his great vocal range and draw of melody, all tracks being well received by an upbeat and engaged crowd.

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Adrian Crowley: It’s a thrill that it’s been picked for the Glasgow Film Festival

The Science of Ghosts explores musician Adrian Crowley and his life, exploring what a documentary of his life might look like, identifying the blurring between reality and documentary, considering his past, present and future. The film is part of the Glasgow Film Festival’s programme this year, and Adrian spoke with The Fountain about working with Niall McCann as well as its inclusion in the programme.

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Review: Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook, Celtic Connections 2019 Rating 85%

Review: Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook, Celtic Connections 2019

Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook is a fantastic way to conclude the Celtic Connections, a medley of music connected to Scotland and cherished by Karine herself and the audience alike. A medley of songs that Karine Polwart and her band perform, with their own twist, she encourages that her fans join in too. Ranging from The Waterboys’ Whole of the Moon to Mary’s Prayer, which was composed by Gary Clark, there was a whole introduction to music I was not entirely acquainted with and for that it was great, and to top it all off the performances were spot on.

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