Review: Alexis Taylor – Beautiful Thing Rating 74%

Review: Alexis Taylor – Beautiful Thing

Alexis Taylor, renowned for his disco beats for Hot Chip, and wavering vocals, has struck gold again with this solo album released via Domino Records, Beautiful Thing. A record of sumptuous piano playing and delicate vocals, wax lyrical in style, his highly produced haze of ten tracks will appeal to Hot Chip fans, and perhaps also those that follow the likes of the DFA label, particularly as UNKLE’s Tim Goldsworthy has had a hand in the production. It’s a bold delivery which often touches on the process of song-making, particularly with A Hit Song, and provides Alexis Taylor fans with a grounding in his talent.

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Review: Eric Chenaux Rating 69%

Review: Eric Chenaux

Sat in the Glad Café in the South side of Glasgow I felt like I had travelled back to my time in London at the Café Oto where you would encounter the most experimental yet pleasing sounds. This was one of those nights, with conceptual Canadian Eric Chenaux headlining. Performing tracks from new record, Slowly Paradise, he mapped out our feeling at the beginning of his set, so he ensured he left us with enough energy to get home with.

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10 O’Clock Chemical: Matt Johnson is a trojan in the studio

Babylon is Fallen is the new single from 10 O’Clock Chemical, relevantly about the unveiling of illusion and the birth of scepticism, especially in present society where we coined the term ‘fake news’. Working with Matt Johnson on production and mixed by Adrian Bushby, we should keep an eye out for this band.

The band spoke with The Fountain about their four track EP release later in the year and their live streamed gig.

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Review: Arcade Fire Rating 90%

Review: Arcade Fire

Win Butler and the rest of the band entered the arena like a prize fighter and his entourage. This isn’t some attempt at a clever metaphor between sports and music. I mean the stage was literally a boxing ring and at the start of the show they are filmed fighting their way through the crowd, a jumbo screen displaying each band members stats it reads: “Win Butler losses- none, not even one”.

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Columbia Mills: We sat on it for a while to make sure we had everything lined up nicely

With a list of dates in April that Columbia Mills are playing across the UK including Glasgow’s King Tuts and a May release for their debut album, A Safe Distance To Watch, there are many reasons to keep an eye on this Irish band.
Fiachra Treacy, vocalist, spoke to The Fountain about working with Rob Kirwan, getting everything in place for this release and their favourite gig in Dublin.

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Review: Modern Studies – Welcome Strangers Rating 90%

Review: Modern Studies – Welcome Strangers

It was never going to be easy for the Glasgow-based chamber-pop band Modern Studies to follow their mesmerising debut album, 2016’s Swell To Great. However, with their new album, Welcome Strangers, the band has delivered a stunning set of beautifully-crafted songs, which reflect the considerable individual and collective talents, versatility and alchemy of this unique group of musicians. The delightfully creaking Victorian harmonium which was central to the sound on the first album takes a back seat here, as the song arrangements become ever more intricate, expansive and absorbing, featuring exhilarating flourishes of strings and brass and other subtle splashes of musical colour. Although remaining deliciously unconventional in structure, the new songs are perhaps more fully-formed than before, revealing more textures and layers with repeated plays.

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