JOYFULTALK: It is still based around a lot of my own instrument creations

The sonic landscapes conjured by JOYFULTALK reflect a spiritual curiosity. The brainchild of composer and instrument builder Jay Crocker, JOYFULTALK is without a doubt an intriguing band to emerge from the rural outpost of Crousetown, Nova Scotia. Along with fellow compatriot, Calgary transplant and multi-instrumentalist Shawn Dicey, the duo have been working hard to release LP, Plurality Trip, on 24th August via Constellation Records.
Jay spoke with The Fountain about what we can expect from this release, explains the definition of a plurality trip and what he looks for in a great gig.

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Review: The Wave Pictures Rating 78%

Review: The Wave Pictures

Moshi Moshi’s The Wave Pictures hit Glasgow’s CCA, to be greeted by some die hard fans and music aficionados alike as they performed what seemed an improvised, unrehearsed set, one which kept the audience very happy however. With Glasgow’s West Princes supporting, the guys from London had a nicely warmed and pretty satisfied crowd, which made the whole gig-playing process a lot more enjoyable for them no doubt. Well that is certainly as it seemed on stage.

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Review: The Big Moon, Museum of the Moon Rating 80%

Review: The Big Moon, Museum of the Moon

The moon is swaying ever so slightly above our heads. Not figuratively. Really. We are sat beneath a seven metre wide 1:500,000 replica of the moon that floats on nearly invisible string in the middle of the Mackintosh Church. It forms part of the 150th anniversary of ‘Mack’. The latest project of Luke Jerram shines bright against the dark wood and Mackintosh style famed for simple curved lines making the perfect replication of every bumpy detail of the surface of the moon starker still.

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Review: Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and Friends – New Worlds Rating 80%

Review: Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and Friends – New Worlds

Being the cultural trashfire of a human being that I am it means I am oblivious to major events that I’d love to attend until way after they’ve occurred. Having grown up on a heavy diet of Bill Murray films in my youth to the slightly leaner output of his Wes Anderson offerings I was genuinely delighted to be asked by my editor if I’d like to cover this event. While I am closer in character to Murray’s famous grumpy cynic in Groundhog Day I’d like to think I’m only an ice sculpture away from that facade melting away.

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Geniuser: It was a long time coming but thankfully it is a timeless piece of rhetoric

With the nearing release of new album, I Am (out on 20th July via Ohah Records) and the dropping of single, Epiphany, experimental electro-outfit Geniuser have been busy. Not to mention working on the video for Epiphany.
Michael Allen from the band spoke with The Fountain about all that we can look forward to from the band as well as working with Jackie Baier for the video.

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Review: wojtek the bear – A Talent for Being Unreasonable Rating 70%

Review: wojtek the bear – A Talent for Being Unreasonable

wojtek the bear, gained their unusual moniker after their lead singer, Tam Killean, fell down a Wikipedia shaped rabbit hole one evening. He became momentarily obsessed with the story of Wojtek, a Syrian brown bear, who rather surreally was enlisted into the Polish army, eventually reaching the rank of corporal before finally taking up residence at Edinburgh Zoo.

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Review: The Bucky Rage Rating 78%

Review: The Bucky Rage

Performing on a night sold as a sixties soul night, deemed for dance offs, soul claps and night trains, The Bucky Rage took themselves to the stage of Glasgow’s Broadcast to offer another entertaining set, masks and all. Supporting the support band Daddy Long Legs, who I unfortunately missed due to changes in the schedule, The Bucky Rage played to loyal fans and a whole new bunch of contemporary sixties swingers who you took a moment or two to warm to the four-piece.

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Review: Microdisney Rating 95%

Review: Microdisney

It may have been over thirty years since The Clock Came Down the Stairs, but it seems no less punctual for all that. Tonight’s show starts on the minute at the venue’s advertised opening time, causing us (in cahoots with London’s transport system) to miss the start and Microdisney’s much heralded return to the stage. Given the band’s commercial trajectory, or lack of it, during their time together, maybe this ‘ahead of their time’ approach could fatefully serve to summarise their fruitful if not lucrative recording years.

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Review: Primavera Sound 2018 Rating 92%

Review: Primavera Sound 2018

An invite to the first music festival outside the UK was enticing particularly with the calibre of line-up on offer at Primavera Sound 2018. The festival has built up a reputation for delivering stellar line-ups and now in it’s eighteenth year and getting bigger every year, it takes place in the almost guaranteed Barcelona sunshine at the end of May. This is it’s eighth year at the Parc Del Forum offering twelve stages, delivering a blend of top acts doing the festival rounds, smaller up and coming artists and local names to delight an international crowd in attendance.

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