Review: Heather Woods Broderick – Invitation Rating 86%

Review: Heather Woods Broderick – Invitation

Oregon-based musician has released this unassuming, yet astounding new album, Invitation, which comes out today via Western Vinyl. Having previously performed with the likes of Sharon Van Etten, Efterklang and Laura Gibson it’s no surprise to hear that her new record is laden with stunning dream-pop noise, clearly influenced by her home in the Pacific North West.

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Matt Regan: Having Summerhall give my music an endorsement helps a lot

Matt Regan, otherwise known as Little King, is one of the two musicians that has been included in Summerhall’s Associate Scheme this year, with the other being Harry Harris. With this exciting opportunity for Matt, The Fountain had a chat with Little King about this offer, as well as performing at their youthful festival Southern Exposure, which sees the likes of Pictish Trail and Meursault performing.

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Katherine Aly: The Mash House is one of my favourite venues in the city

Singer/songwriter ?Katherine Aly is set to release her debut single ?The Skin I’m Made Of in May via Infinite Hive Music. Originally from Greece, Katherine has been involved with many musical projects in Scotland’s capital, including ?Hidden Door Festival?, various art projects and the lead singer of shoegaze band, ?Lilac Melt?. With this release she spoke with The Fountain about the new single and her gig in the Mash House, Edinburgh, in May.

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Tally Spear: City Girl is a essentially a story about detachment

Although Tally Spear released her debut EP, Fade To White, in the spring of 2018, she knew that something didn’t feel quite right to her. Having attracted nearly 200,000 streams for her single Days Like These, alongside enjoying performances at some notable festivals including Black Deer and VegFest, she decided to take some time out and give her creativity room to breathe. She is now back with new single City Girl, and spoke to The Fountain about the new track and what it’s like to be working with Martin Hollis.

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