Penny Betts: It’s a song designed to get you moving and grooving

Surrey-based Penny Betts offer up a smooth blend of indie-pop and sixties-style songwriting. A four-piece inspired by bands stretching as far back as Cream and Pink Floyd as much as modern influences like The Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala, there are head nods to many in their music. The band spoke with The Fountain about their release in more depth as well as their plans for 2020.

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Morgan: We try to create different ambients to tell the story properly

For the first time, descending on Britain having already conquered the flourishing Spanish music scene, the acclaimed Spanish alternative soul outfit Morgan announce their inaugural UK focused single, Another Road which will be released on February 21st 2020. With an unveiling in London and this new track, The Fountain caught up with Morgan to discuss plans for 2020.

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Goldbringer: People seem to be willing to make the jump from that over to the more expansive content of the album itself

Drawing influence from art, film, and music in equal measure, singer-songwriter Ben Honebone’s solo project Goldbringer comes to fruition with new LP Soundtracks. The album features over 50 mins of expansive soundscapes and beats produced by Ben and mixed and mastered by fellow South Wales artist Minas. Ben spoke with The Fountain about the album in more detail and what brought about the pseudo Goldbringer.

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King Kartel: We will be playing on This Feeling stage at Stag & Dagger Festival in Glasgow

King Kartel have released their brand new single Be Mine, out 7th February. In celebration of the track, the band will also play a single launch party at Manchester’s Club Academy on 6th March, but more relevantly they are also performing at Stag & Dagger in Glasgow this year. The band spoke with The Fountain about their uncertainty of their plans for 2020 and more about the track.

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Fallen Roads: Soulful, suspenseful, driving rock and roll

Luke Rhodes makes music that delves deeply into universal emotions. With the help of a team of collaborators and recording under the aegis of Fallen Roads, he offers new single titled Where She Goes, a song that examines the insecurities and the tangled communication that often accompanies human relationships with all their confusion and complexity. Released last Friday The Fountain caught up with Luke to discuss the single in more depth.

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