Check Masses: It dabbles with blues mythology and the futility of trying to make a deal with the devil

Three Scottish music names have emerged from the various posts in the industry as CHECK MASSES with their debut single DRIPN ANGEL, bold, fresh and with a wide berth of influences. Separately, Vic Galloway, Saleem Andrew McGroarty and ‘Philly’ Angelo Collins have helped shape the sound of Edinburgh through underground gigs, club culture and broadcasting. It will be interesting to see how they shape it with this sound. The Fountain caught up with Vic Galloway (VG) and Andy McGroarty (AM) to discuss their 2020 plans in more depth.

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Review: David Keenan – A Beginners Guide to Bravery Rating 90%

Review: David Keenan – A Beginners Guide to Bravery

Having first emerged on the music scene in 2015, David Keenan’s debut album A Beginner’s Guide to Bravery explores existentialism, the muse and the changing face of Ireland. Following on from a string of single releases and EP collections, the singer/songwriter from Dundalk draws inspiration from the likes of Dylan and Cohen, setting tales to music and tapping into a distinct Celtic consciousness that sets him apart from all others in his field.

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Review: Keb’ Mo’ & The Jellyman’s Daughter, Celtic Connections 2020 Rating 77%

Review: Keb’ Mo’ & The Jellyman’s Daughter, Celtic Connections 2020

Tonight a real sense of longing and satisfaction lingered in the air of Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket, as many waited in anticipation for an hour and a half set from Delta Blues musician, Keb’ Mo.’ With The Jellyman’s Daughter on support, a folk band from just up the road (Edinburgh), there was not the same rapport with the crowd. However, they did whet the appretite for a Celtic Connections gig, and well, that it was with a heavy portion of extra blues.

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Jeffrey James: I’m so freaking excited to have Downtown out in the world

Nashville soul-pop artist Jeffrey James is beginning the roll out of his new EP, East London (February 28th), having just released the first single from it, Downtown. The East London EP was birthed during a month-long songwriting trip to London in early 2019. James worked with producers such as Geoff Swan (Charli XCX, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay) Jackson Dimiglio-Wood (Shawn Mendes), Dan Weller (SikTh), and Dan McDougal (Liam Gallagher), to create a uniquely cross-Atlantic record. Jeffrey spoke with The Fountain about the single in more detail and what 2020 has in store.

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Lisa Kowlaski: I think the song can relate to just leaving behind the negative people

No More Time is a new track which will be dropped by Lisa Kowalski on 31st January, which was written about 2 years ago but its release was delayed by Lisa’s mental health break earlier in 2019. The song is about one of the experiences that triggered her depression, a very toxic relationship which she took her time to extricate herself from. With the Paisley artist releasing the track at the end of the month, The Fountain caught up with Lisa to discuss the single in more depth.

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Review: Fred Deakin – The Lasters Rating 70%

Review: Fred Deakin – The Lasters

The Lasters is an ambitious new solo project inspired by classic concept albums like the narrative witin The Who’s Quadrophenia and Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds. A wholly original and truly out-of-this-world sci-ii concept record to consider with the aforementioned, The Lasters tells the tale of Earth’s final family.

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Review: Pictish Trail & Rozi Plain, Celtic Connections 2020 Rating 78%

Review: Pictish Trail & Rozi Plain, Celtic Connections 2020

It’s been a while since I have looked at a Celtic Connections programme and not seen at least one Lost Map artist on there. It felt only right to bill two artists, one with a new album out and another with a an album due oh so soon on the second night of the festival in Glasgow’s East End, in the majestic St Lukes. Recently signed to Memphis Industries, Rozi Plain displayed her loyalty and friendship with previous label, Lost Map, supporting Johnny Lynch, AKA Pictish Trail, who is dropping Thumb World on 21st February. Sadly there were no advance copies for sale at this event.

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Royse: It’s about when you are so lost in love that it overtakes you

Royse is a U.S. singer songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA; known as an indie-pop powerhouse with range, infectious melodies and powerful lyrics urging self-love and acceptance. Her aim is to make herself, and her fans, feel as though they do not need to apologise for who they are and to find peace and love within oneself. The Fountain caught up with Royse to discuss the single in more depth.

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