Review: Fawlty Towers Live Themed Dinner Show, Fringe 2019 Rating 80%

Review: Fawlty Towers Live Themed Dinner Show, Fringe 2019

2019 brings us a choice of not one, but two Fawlty Towers themed dining experiences. The most notable difference is that this one, as its marketing is keen to remind us, is fully endorsed by John Cleese and Connie Booth. This is its first time at the Fringe, where dinner shows have long proven popular options for punters seeking a longer, more elegant experience than the average show can provide.

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David Wilkinson: Gin requires botanicals for flavour, the Botanic Garden offers access to plants

David Wilkinson along with the help of Greg Kenicer, from Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens, has developed and produced new limited edition Edinburgh Gin, 1670. Available only in specialist retailers as well as their own website, this is a niche botanical product, which has grown from highly advised knowledge.

David from Edinburgh Gin spoke with The Fountain about the development process, his personal favourite Edinburgh Gin and where we might expect to see the bottle.

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Review: Edinburgh Christmas Market Rating 90%

Review: Edinburgh Christmas Market

On Sunday evening my fiance and I took a wander around the famous Edinburgh Christmas Market.

Honestly.. it was freezing, jam packed busy and I could barely look at any stalls for more than five seconds, never mind take some great photos!

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Steve Stewart: Scotland punches above its weight in craft beer

After winning three awards at the Scottish Beer Awards, Steve Stewart, who also won Master Brewer of the Year award, is obviously delighted at the brewery’s success.
He spoke with The Fountain about how much of an impact winning these awards has on Stewart Brewing, their simple philosophy as a brewery and where their focus will be in the forthcoming future.

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Review: Afternoon Tea with Vivek Singh, EIBF 2017 Rating 80%

Review: Afternoon Tea with Vivek Singh, EIBF 2017

It was a sheer pleasure to enjoy a British afternoon tea whilst listening to one of the top Indian culinary chefs in London talk about his background history and experiences working with food. Devouring sandwiches and scones whilst listening to Vivek Singh discuss his influences, Indian festival food and his absolute indulgence, whisky, was a new experience for me as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and certainly the way to do things if listening to a published cook or chef. 

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Review: Dram & Smoke Campfire Feasts, Fringe 2017 Rating 62%

Review: Dram & Smoke Campfire Feasts, Fringe 2017

The Dram & Smoke pop-up in the Biscuit Factory, somewhat outwith of the main festival stretch, is back again this year with promises of a Campfire Feast, an interactive eating experience that has to be shared. Promoting Talisker as their main drinks brand, they offered a welcome cocktail prior to bringing the group upstairs to indulge in some improv food theatre. 

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Review: Rhythm ‘n’ Booze Rating 70%

Review: Rhythm ‘n’ Booze

Rhythm ‘n’ Booze offers a fun, unique and tour-guide cliché free take on the traditional whisky tasting experience. Entering the dark atmospheric cave of the Assembly Roxy, you are greeted by intimately lit tables, which shared between groups of three or four, mean you need to get cosy pretty quickly with your neighbours. The host Felipe, assists this process by providing a witty introduction to the tasting and dispelling some of the myths of how people tend to describe whisky.

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Review: Edinburgh Beer Festival Rating 85%

Review: Edinburgh Beer Festival

It’s true that oaks from acorns grow and last Saturday’s sellout beer festival at Stewart Brewing was testament to that.  Founder Steve led an informative and enthusiastic tour around the factory based in the outskirts of Edinburgh and explained the process of brewing and production from the selection of ingredients such as malt, hops and grain right down to the hand bottling of each of the thousands of bottles produced. A labour of love indeed, he told the story of his building his own brewery in small steps starting out, as most home brewers do, with a humble plastic bucket and the leap of faith which led him and his wife Jo to invest all their savings into his first brewery and wholesale beer, Edinburgh Number 3 in 2004.  

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