Honeyvale: Connor fancies himself as a designer rockstar now

Hailing from sunny East Kilbride where there are more roundabouts than human beings, Honeyvale are pleased to release their new single Mercurial.
A raucous 2 minutes 50 seconds of classic indie-pop; Mercurial is a tale of love, dancefloors and stolen lighters, told in the dappled light of an early Sunday morning, when optimism prevails and the hangover hasn’t yet kicked in. The lads spoke with The Fountain about the new single and their plans forthcoming.

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Red River Dialect: It’s about being willing to go into the difficult spaces of uncertainty

Featuring Tara Jane O’Neil on slide guitar, Red River Dialect’s new single My Friend follows first track Snowdon (with Joan Shelley) and a solo performance video of album opener Blue Sparks that songwriter David Morris recorded at Gampo Abbey, the Buddhist monastery in Nova Scotia where he resided after recording the new album, Abundance Welcoming Ghosts, which is out September 27th on Paradise of Bachelors. The Fountain caught up with the band about the new single.

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Shiloh Clarke: We as the human race have the freedom to make the right choice

Coventry born and based Shiloh Clarke, a reggae artist with more on his mind than just music, has released his new number Freedom Will Reign in conjunction with climate change activists Extinction Rebellion, also featuring iconic names from the world of music (members of UB40, The Specials and Grammy Award winning producer Roger Lomas but to name a few). It calls for people to stand up to climate change and make an impactful change before it’s too late. Shiloh spoke with The Fountain about the track and working with Extinction Rebellion along with other organisations.

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Joe Smillie: He said we were leaving glorious traces around the area

The Glad Cafe in Glasgow has recently released a compilation on their emerging imprint Glorious Traces. The Music of Others, Glad Vol 1 is out now, curated by Modern Studies Emily Scott-Moncrieff, and is one of the rewards for the Crowdfunder campaign to save the Glads leaky roof. Joe Smillie from the Glad Cafe, Glorious Traces and also Modern Studies spoke with The Fountain about the premise of the label and what more to expect from it.

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Review: Way Out West 2019 Rating 75%

Review: Way Out West 2019

The Swedish festival located in Gothenburg takes place in two parts. The main acts go on before midnight in Slotsskogen park and thereafter the so-called Stay Out West commences. The smaller acts play on various smaller venues around the city. In theory, this sounds great because the city becomes a more active part of the festival – in practise, it is really hard to convince yourself to stay awake and drag yourself to another venue across town after being on your feet for 12 hours already.

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Jonny Picken: We hope to play the Wildfire festival in 2020 at Wanlockhead

Rat Face Lewey soon release new single, The Pirate Song. This is due for release on 30 August 2019 and is the second single to be released from their new album The Fall of Man, which is released 06 September 2019. The Fountain caught up with Jonny Picken from the band about the strong reception they have received so far as well as their plans for the album release.

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Review: Jupiter Rising 2019 Rating 93%

Review: Jupiter Rising 2019

It’s a little before 11am on a Saturday morning, and I’m at Jupiter Rising, a two-day festival of music, art, film, performance and dance held in the grounds of Jupiter Artland, the expansive and enchanting sculpture park just outside of Edinburgh. I’m one of a dozen or so people sitting in a small gallery space, held quietly enthralled by a performance lecture by Beatrice Searle, a meditation on how to approach a conversation with a stone which mixes research, readings, rubbings, personal anecdote, folklore and live stone-masonry to tell a moving story centred on the privilege and wonder of seeing something unique for the first time.

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Fi Vass: Releasing an album in this day and age feels a bit like setting a message in a bottle afloat

Fi and Martin Vass are duo, Galileo’s Fan, who have just released new singe, I Won’t Be Found. A band from Nairn, with a full-bodied Indie-band sound that incorporates subtle electronic themes and textures. Owed to their Highland roots, writers and siblings, Martin and Fi compose melodies that are undoubtedly of the north. Fi spoke with The Fountain about the new track and her favourite gig to date.

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