Goldbringer: People seem to be willing to make the jump from that over to the more expansive content of the album itself

Drawing influence from art, film, and music in equal measure, singer-songwriter Ben Honebone’s solo project Goldbringer comes to fruition with new LP Soundtracks. The album features over 50 mins of expansive soundscapes and beats produced by Ben and mixed and mastered by fellow South Wales artist Minas. Ben spoke with The Fountain about the album in more detail and what brought about the pseudo Goldbringer.

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Mark Cousins: I love the Glasgow Film Festival to be honest so I was delighted

Glasgow Film Festival 2020 sits over International Womens Day this year, and coincidentally there is a key focus this year in the programme on female filmmakers with the Women Make Film strand. Part of this strand includes a five part screening of Mark Cousin’s 14 hour documentary, Women Make Film. Mark spoke with The Fountain about the film in more depth, as well as the onerous but pleasurable process it was to select the films for this thorough documentary.

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King Kartel: We will be playing on This Feeling stage at Stag & Dagger Festival in Glasgow

King Kartel have released their brand new single Be Mine, out 7th February. In celebration of the track, the band will also play a single launch party at Manchester’s Club Academy on 6th March, but more relevantly they are also performing at Stag & Dagger in Glasgow this year. The band spoke with The Fountain about their uncertainty of their plans for 2020 and more about the track.

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Fallen Roads: Soulful, suspenseful, driving rock and roll

Luke Rhodes makes music that delves deeply into universal emotions. With the help of a team of collaborators and recording under the aegis of Fallen Roads, he offers new single titled Where She Goes, a song that examines the insecurities and the tangled communication that often accompanies human relationships with all their confusion and complexity. Released last Friday The Fountain caught up with Luke to discuss the single in more depth.

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Lyle Christine: You become twice as critical of more intimate recordings than when you’re shouting over a loud guitar amp

Lyle Christine has a new LP, which came out on 13th January 2020 – Funraiser has more acoustic vibe to any of his previous eight albums. Lyle spoke with The Fountain about his change in sound over the last nine albums as well as the frustrating situation he finds himself in when it comes to the music industry today.

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Air Circus: We will definitely be experimenting with these kind of sounds for future tracks

Alternative duo Air Circus are Reading-born artists and producers Adam Adrian and Dan Follant. After a few impromptu jam sessions in fluorescently lit kitchens and a shared love for field recordings, the pair knew that they were destined to work together on musical tunes. With Adrian’s solo debut EP Messages From the First Fleet,released inlate 2018, the two knew it was time to get things rolling again, but this time as a fully formed duo. With Fly Boy out, The Fountain caught up with the band to discuss their plans for 2020.

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