Foreignfox: It won’t be long until there’s crashing guitars, affected drums and borderline offensive electronic sounds

Foreignfox have recently dropped new single, Birthday Flowers, which came out on 15th March, via Scottish Fiction. The Dunfermline-based, alt-rock-four-piece, Foreignfox are soon embarking on a UK tour, so lead singer, Jonny Watt, took a moment out of schedule to speak with The Fountain about the new single and his favourite gig.

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Faith Eliott: The environment you record in really changes the sound of the songs

Glasgow-based artist Faith Eliott explores duality in their debut album Impossible Bodies, which is out on their own record label OK PAL Records on 19th April. Born in Minneapolis, Faith Eliott moved to Edinburgh at age sixteen and became immersed in the city’s DIY music and arts scene. They spoke with The Fountain about the new album and releasing it as the first for OK PAL Records.

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Frog Costume: We wrote the song as a hypothetical conversation between two people

Frog Costume are back after the release of their debut EP in the latter half of 2018, with melancholic track A Daydream. With Scottish artist Josephine Sillars lending vocals to this song, adding a second layer of emotion, there is much to get from this daydream. Frog Costume, otherwise known as Cameron Gibb and Martin MacDonald spoke with The Fountain about the new track and moving from Aberdeen to Glasgow.

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Stuart MacBride: It might be a much stranger interview than people are expecting

Featuring some of the biggest names in crime, Noireland is Northern Ireland’s Bloody Scotland, big crime writing festival. Two of those names are Stuart MacBride, Aberdonian writer renowned for the Logan MacRae thrillers, and Adrian McKinty, who writes the Michael Forsythe trilogy. They spoke with The Fountain about the event at Noireland as well as their plans for the coming year.

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Lankum: Played Edinburgh many times but never at Tradfest

Edinburgh Tradfest has announced that it will be returning this year thanks to continued support from Creative Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Tattoo Culture Fund. The Festival will kick off at the Queen’s Hall on Friday 26 April with live music from anarchic Irish folk band Lankum from Dublin, whose music combines vocal harmonies, musical arrangements of uilleann pipes, concertina, Russian accordion, fiddle, and guitar, with wonderful storytelling. The band spoke with The Fountain about performing at Tradfest as well as their combined efforts to get out an LP.

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