Loudmammoth: We’re incredibly fortunate to be with Last Night From Glasgow

First formed in August 2018 over a mutual appreciation of jangly guitars, DIY recording and Ian Curtis, Loudmammoth hail from the North East of England and are comprised of Rachel, Will & Declan. After months of writing and practicing and a slight change of their name, they released their debut single Enough in January 2019. Now they have been signed to Last Night From Glasgow (LNFG) and will release new single, Let Go, through them in June 2019. The band spoke with The Fountain about the track and the signing.

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The Van T’s: It was such a pleasure to share a stage with The Jesus and Mary Chain

Rising Glasgow quartet The Van T’s have just returned from The Great Escape festival in Brighton after releasing blistering new single Control, via Big Indie Records. Twin sisters Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson’s (guitar, vocals) formed The Van T’s in 2013 with Joanna Forbes and Shaun Hood and the band have been on the trajectory up, particularly in the last couple of years. And soon, they will be supporting the Foo Fighters on stage in Glasgow. The band took a moment out of their schedule to speak with The Fountain about the new single as well as how excited they are to be performing with Dave Grohl.

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Wrest: It’s about the realisation that we all have the same human flaws

wrest combines emotive lyrics with soaring guitars, in pursuit of something meaningful, whilst also Scottish indie. Four-years in the making, Coward of Us All packs in raw sentiment alongside light and dark melody, across the album’s ten tracks. The band spoke with The Fountain about how they came to be and how they also got to perform in the vaults of Edinburgh.

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Rolland Square: Managed to wrangle our way to be played on ITV’s This Morning

Four-piece, indie-pop band based in Glasgow called Rolland Square released their debut EP in April and are due to follow that with a second EP release in the summertime. They recently dropped single, Fall Apart For Fun, from the first EP, which has seen them on ITV’s This Morning. Aside from that they can be seen chatting to The Fountain about their favourite gig as well as the origination of their band name.

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Joseph Washbourn: It’s kinda crept on us really that it’s twenty years old

Toploader’s debut album, which was renowned for that track, Dancing in the Moonlight, album being Onka’s Big Moka has reached that twentieth landmark this year and to mark the anniversary the band are doing much to celebrate, which includes some tour dates as well as a vinyl re-issue. Lead singer, Joseph Washbourn spoke with The Fountain about performing in Paisley for the first time as well as their plans to release a new EP.

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PAWS: It seemed like an appropriate metaphor for the breakdown of a relationship

With a gig tonight in Glasgow’s CCA and a new album, there is plenty keeping Glasgow-based PAWS busy. Josh Swinney, Phillip Taylor and John Bonnar make up the trio that have music journalists talking about their recent release, Your Church On My Bonfire, which was produced by Andy Monaghan and released via Ernest Jenning Recording Co. Josh from the band spoke with The Fountain about the new album and some of their favourite gigs.

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Julie Hawk: We want this tour to be a way of promoting safe spaces for musicians

Havvk recently dropped new track, The Factory, via Veta Records. The fourth release from their upcoming debut album, Cause & Effect, which comes out later in the year, is about moving on from a relationship before it gets destructive. Lead singer, Julie Hawk spoke with The Fountain about promoting safe spaces for musician as well as their upcoming gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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Steven Lewis Simpson: He puts his spirit on screen and takes the material to a new height

Kent Nerburn’s Native American novel, Neither Wolf Nor Dog, has been adapted into a feature by Scottish filmmaker, Steven Lewis Simpson, which is in the midst of the longest first-run theatrical release of any movie in the US in at least a decade, which is all the more remarkable as he self-distributed it through his Edinburgh production company. Steven spoke with The Fountain about how it came about as well as other projects he is presently working on.

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