Barbudo: We are going to continue writing and recording new songs and will do the odd live stream show

Barbudo deliver pop-funk from their studio in the south of England. Brothers Ben and Harry Stanworth have taken inspiration from the pioneers of funk, soul and disco to give their contemporary sound a classic and stylish vibe. With new track Magnolia Mansion out, you can judge for yourself. The brothers spoke with The Fountain about what a Magnolia Mansion is as well as their 2020 plans.

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Out of the Swim: It is a transatlantic collaboration with the wonderful Laura Hickli, an award winning baroque-pop artist from Calgary in Western Canada

Last Night From Glasgow have released Out of the Swim’s new EP, Machine, with the imprint Hive. The Falkirk/Glasgow based Indietronica four piece have paired with haunted and ethereal vocals from award winning artist Canadian artist Laura Hickli (in the photo above). Using melodic combinations of piano, bass, acoustic guitar and drums, tied together with enticing lyrics by Hickli, these five musicians continue to challenge themselves while staying true to their mantra, “songs for folk who feel like they’re swimming against the current” Dickson Telfer from the band spoke with The Fountain about collaborating with Laura Hickli and plans for further in the year.

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Genevieve: I’ve had some really positive press and radio play and am looking forward to playing the single live

Dreams is the new ambitious debut single from London born and based singer/songwriter Genevieve. Working in the studio with long-time friend and accomplished producer Jonjo, she approached the song as a dramatic aria and combined with his colourful synths for an experimental composition that unfolds a little more each listen. She spoke with The Fountain about the track and her future plans.

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Bilbosa: Time on a few tracks speeds up and slows down, facilitating the mystical trip

Gingko is the leading track from Bilbosa’s debut album Diamond Dust, which was only just released on Sept. 25th by Seahorse Recordings. A debut for a very young band, born and grown up in Genova, the album was recorded at Green Fog Studio by Tristan Martinelli. David from the band spoke with The Fountain about the new LP as well as plans for 2020.

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This Modern: People are really connecting with this record, and that’s everything we could have hoped for

Phoenix, Arizona alternative rockers This Modern have just released their new single Next Time Around. The song is now streaming on all digital platforms via Atlanta-based label 59 X Records. Not only that but they have released new EP, Fall Apart Anywhere. Being so busy, The Fountain caught up with Eric Reavey from the band to discuss the record and 2020 plans.

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Dan Potter: I like to stay spontaneous as I have many plans and counter plans

Dan Potter Sings has released a new single, Head Above, which is an intense and dreamy trip where industrial/gothic hardship meets calming shoegaze influenced resignation. Dan Potter Sings is the alias of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dan Potter. His tracks broadcast a wide spectrum of influences producing genre-defying songs in the process. Dan spoke with The Fountain about the track in more depth as well as his spontaneous plans for 2020.

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Sing Leaf: People have received this song as the most immediately accessible and pleasurable one

If Sing Leaf’s new album feels like it’s caught between worlds it’s because it’s intended to be just that. Not only has Sing Leaf, AKA David Como, released new track, Forever Green, but we can also indulge in Not Earth, thanks to Tin Angel Records. The Fountain caught up with David to discuss the LP as well as his favourite venues .

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Layke: With this particular tune we really wanted to write a modern love song

In a world which thrives on labels and conforming to a set of picture-perfect standards, Layke (and her signature icy lavender hair) has created a limitless space through her ground-breaking music that defies societal norms. And now she is back with her new track Tonight Can’t Be The Last Time, which is from her forthcoming EP Frequency. Layke spoke with The Fountain about the new track and plans for 2020 as well as venues she pins her hopes on playing.

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My Darling Clementine: It is arguably the most upbeat track from the Country Darkness album

My Darling Clementine are releasing a new album that throws a spotlight on 12 hidden gems from the Elvis Costello repertoire and vividly reimagines them in the duet’s definitive country-soul styling. Country Darkness will be released on 6th November 2020; the record will see the familiar husband/wife pairing of Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish joined by a very special guest in the form of The Imposters / The Attractions original: Steve Nieve. With news of that and new single The Crooked Line out already, The Fountain caught up with the duo to discuss the album in more depth.

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