Sia Babez: People send me videos of them listening to my Hit My Line all the time

Seorsia Jack AKA Sia Babez is an Irish/Zimbabwean solo female artist, born in 2001 in Dublin, Ireland. Fast gaining a reputation in the music industry as being an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter, Sia has been working diligently on her new and upcoming EP and has just released new track Hit My Line. The Fountain caught up with Sia about her plans and the reception to this single.

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Lemon Drink: Our single launch show at the Old Hairdressers has been our favourite so far

Formed over a mutual love of amaretto sours and alternative music, Lemon Drink is the brainchild of duo Sophie Bartholomew and Kirstie “KC” Cunningham. Formed in early 2017 as an acoustic duo, lemon Drink soon expanded in sound and in personnel. The acoustic guitars were put to the side and Lemon Drink became a 4-piece indie outfit exploring the sometimes challenging and often humorous aspects of modern life as a 20-something woman. Their debut single, A Song For You, is a serious tongur-in-cheek track about bad dating experiences, so The Fountain caught up with the band to discuss the new track and what plans are in store for the band.

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Harbingers Drum Crew: We’re really excited to also to extend our involvement into the Hogmanay night celebrations as well

Edinburgh Hogmanay is taking the street party back to the Royal Mile, under the umbrella theme, Be Together. Part of that street party is the theatre offering, which sees Edinburgh’s Harbingers Drum Crew collaborating with German company Dundu, to create a puppetry spectacle with huge sound and light. Sam from Harbingers Drum Crew spoke with The Fountain about this in more depth.

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Asher: I am excited now to get back in the studio to write more music

Will Young recently performed in Glasgow and Edinburgh with support Asher Knight, and Asher is becoming more of a household name, having previously joined the likes of The Vamps, Boyzone, All Saints and Steps on their tours, so this is a very exciting time for him. Alongside this, Asher just released his brand new track I’ve Changed, and do The Fountain caught up with him to discuss this all in more detail.

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Ramón Rodríguez: It’s still exciting to keep writing songs together

Madee are finally set out to publish some still unreleased themes written in recent years, in addition to one that remained in the pipeline from 1998, when the music for Under the Sun was written. It’s a song that really sounds like the old Madee, but with a more youthful punch. Ramón Rodríguez, vocalist of the band, spoke with The Fountain about the new track.

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Merlyn Driver: I love exploring different cultures and ways of thinking

Since 2010, Making Tracks has brought world-class, diverse music from all corners of the globe to leading venues throughout the UK; and this November, the project will make its way to Scotland for the very first time with a date at Edinburgh’s Queens Hall on Sunday 10 November. Project director, Merlyn Driver, spoke with The Fountain about Making Tracks in more depth.

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Beth Keeping: I wrote the song after an experience I had when I was backpacking

As founder of Write Like A Girl, an initiative that puts the spotlight back on female songwriters, Beth Keeping is an advocate of championing the rights of women and equality in the music industry. She has also just dropped new single and the video for San Francisco. The Fountain caught up with Beth to discuss performing North of the border and the reception her song has received.

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Hannah Bradley: We’ve spent a lot of time in making sure those characters feel real

Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group has established itself as one of the city’s most respected amateur companies, earning a reputation for tackling challenging work. And the theatre company builds upon that tradition with Catch-22 – the rarely performed script made its UK debut in 2014 to mixed reviews. Director Hannah Bradley, whose directorial debut won her an award at the SCDA One Act Festival, first fell in love with Heller’s novel as a teenager, and was captivated by its use of irony and wordplay to reflect the cyclical and timeless nature of warfare. Hannah spoke with The Fountain about working on this adaptation.

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Ben Lunn: I was fascinated on drawing upon his practice and drawing upon the strong culture of BSL poetry

This November Glasgow’s Scottish Music Centre is set to host A Sign Of Things To Come; a concert of works written for BSL performer and ensemble.A Sign Of Things To Come aims to promote inclusion in the industry by bringing disability to the forefront. A handful of the countries most talented composers will premier work, which will be performed by an ensemble of BSL musicians including Ben Lunn who spoke with The Fountain about the gig in more depth.

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