King Hannah: We just want to keep pushing ourselves and get better and better

Sometimes a band arrives out of nowhere with a fully formed sound ready to fill a vast concert hall. King Hannah are one of those bands. The Liverpool-based band led by the creative force of Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle have signed to City Slang, and have released first single and accompanying video, Crème Brûlée. The pair spoke with The Fountain about the debut track as well as their remaining plans for 2020.

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Nick Kingswell: It’s not your run of the mill acoustic songwriter tune

Australian singer/songwriter Nick Kingswell sold his house and belongings and moved to London in an effort to push his music career. Drawing on his memories of Australia’s oceans, beaches and open landscapes, Kingswell runs these through the gritty filter of London’s big city. He has just released his new single Homesick, which we can guess is all about back home. He spoke with The Fountain about the track as well as the rest of the plans for 2020.

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Solar Parachute: This track was written around the guitar riff and the slow heavy drum beat

After the two first singles Solar Parachute is back with Ain’t no Sunlight. The track will be part of the new Solar Parachute album which will be out in November 2020. It was written around the guitar riff and the slow heavy drums. This is a song about contrasts – hot/cold, loud/silent, dark/light, which echoes complicated relationships. The band spoke with The Fountain about the track and their plan for the year.

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J. Pavone String Ensemble: It is the first piece that I wrote for the new album, Lost and Found

J. Pavone String Ensemble has released single, Rise and Fall, from October album release, Lost and Found, which comes out via Astral Spirits. The single highlights the use of free movement within a structured composition and clearly demonstrates Pavone’s recent experimentation of using both time-based and metered sections within a given piece. Jessica Pavone spoke with The Fountain about the track as well as her rather detailed and inspiring plans for the year.

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Tom Joshua: My Grandma said it was the song she liked the least

Teeside’s Tom Joshua has dropped his new single Undergrowth, taken from forthcoming debut EP of the same name, due out on 9th October. Produced by Cam Blackwood (George Ezra, Billie Marten, British Sea Power) and recorded at London’s Voltaire Studio, the upbeat song is rooted in the surroundings of Tom’s home near Stockton-on-Tees and inspired by a surreal dream sequence conceived while out walking the dog. Tom talks about the track in a little more detail along with the venue he is keen to play next.

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Daniella Kidd: Initially it was really challenging and a steep learning curve

Despite lockdown Beatroute Arts are keeping a community connected. The pioneering charity in Balornock, North Glasgow provides a wide range of arts and holistic activities for its community which are developed in direct response to local need. Founded in 1990 within the ten per cent most disadvantaged regions in Scotland, Beatroute started by providing music lessons for young people. The unique participant led approach has been the backbone of the charity’s success and also the key to the transformative results as young participants gain so much more than music skills. Assistant Director, Daniella Kidd, spoke with The Fountain about their adapted approach.

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Ben Wood & The Bad Ideas: It means the world to us that people are listening to it and enjoying it

Ben Wood & The Bad Ideas have decided to put out a single a month for all of 2020. Black is the band’s offering for August. Released on Friday the 28th August, on Back2Forward Records, this high-octane track is the group’s second consecutive collaboration with Los Angeles based producer Jeff O’Rourke. The track, their 8th of release in an interesting year for the music industry, is a song about questioning yourself and the path you’re on. It also examines the often bleak thoughts that come with that territory. The band discussed their new single as well as some of their favourite venues they cannot wait to play again.

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Joe McAlinden: I am currently finishing off a new solo LP which will hopefully be released before the year end

Joe McAlinden has just released his new album Edit, seeds of which were sown more than ten years prior. Feeling overwhelmed by the Tide of the sea, Joe felt overwhelmed as it slammed against the rocks. Edit is Tide backwards. However, the project was put on hold with the loss of Joe’s father. Several years later and here we are. Joe spoke with The Fountain about the reception the album has had so far and his plans for the remainder of 2020.

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Lyn Koonce: People from all walks of life who listen to a variety of music seem to really resonate with the songs

Lyn Koonce, folk singer/songwriter has just released her full-length album, Begin Again, releases August 28th, 2020 with a music video to follow; upon rerouting after a 17-year relationship, this album serves as a roadmap for real life. “A huge part of this album is finding the truth of who I am and what I settled for,” Koonce shares. “When I started to believe in who I am as an artist & as a person, that’s when it became clear.” Lyn spoke with The Fountain about the LP as well as her desire to play live again.

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