Danielle Rowley MP: Being the first woman to represent Midlothian is quite a big thing and I wanted to do something

In 2017 Danielle Rowley was elected as the first woman MP of Midlothian, and the youngest Labour MP in Parliament. To celebrate, she is hosting a Women’s Conference at Edinburgh College’s Midlothian Campus in Eskbank on 19 May 2018, which will broadly cover issues affecting women, as well as celebrating what has been achieved by the great women of Midlothian.
Danielle Rowley MP spoke with The Fountain about what inspired her to mark her time in her elected seat with this conference, what we can look forward to and what provisions are in place to ensure that all can go.

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10 O’Clock Chemical: Matt Johnson is a trojan in the studio

Babylon is Fallen is the new single from 10 O’Clock Chemical, relevantly about the unveiling of illusion and the birth of scepticism, especially in present society where we coined the term ‘fake news’. Working with Matt Johnson on production and mixed by Adrian Bushby, we should keep an eye out for this band.

The band spoke with The Fountain about their four track EP release later in the year and their live streamed gig.

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Columbia Mills: We sat on it for a while to make sure we had everything lined up nicely

With a list of dates in April that Columbia Mills are playing across the UK including Glasgow’s King Tuts and a May release for their debut album, A Safe Distance To Watch, there are many reasons to keep an eye on this Irish band.
Fiachra Treacy, vocalist, spoke to The Fountain about working with Rob Kirwan, getting everything in place for this release and their favourite gig in Dublin.

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Paul Sng: The idea for the book is really drawn from people that feel they have been misrepresented

Co-curated by Laura Dickens and Chloe Juno, the director of Dispossession and Sleaford Mod documentary, Invisible Britain, Paul Sng, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a book of forty documentary images, along with forty stories, Invisible Britain: Portraits. Focussing on those that don’t get their stories heard, who are much affected by social issues this is an interesting project from the independent film director.
Paul spoke with The Fountain about the process, the titling behind the publication and his long-term future plans to enable stories from working class backgrounds to emerge and be told.

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Empress: I have been known to tear the proverbial roof off

Empress will be taking to the mic at Neu! Reekie!’s April Splash in the Old Dr Bells Baths in Edinburgh on 27th, joining Hannah Peel, William Letford and Speculative Books to collectively offer a great night in books and music, and spoken word. Offering fierce MCing there is much anticipation for Empress’ performance.
Empress spoke to The Fountain about the Scottish hip hop movement, her desire to see Hannah perform as well as her gig on a boat.

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Jared Celosse: One of the greatest rewards from writing music is releasing it to the public

Jared Celosse, a new addition to the Olive Grove Records roster, has recently released his debut EP, Four Cold Walls, which will soon be followed up with live gigs, supporting Zoë Bestel at the Hug and Pint in Glasgow and Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh.
Jared spoke with The Fountain about working with Olive Grove Records, performing with Eugene Kelly (The Vaselines) and eventually getting his work out to the public.

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