Forever Honey: It’s a glimpse into the frivolous lives of 20-something year olds

Forever Honey is Liv Price (lead vocals, guitar), Aida Mekonnen (lead guitar, vocals), Steve Vannelli (drums), and Jack McLoughlin (bass). After collaborating in a range of projects that shared stages with Editors, Middle Kids, and Johnny Marr, the four decided to collaborate, making something of their own. The band talk Christian, EPs, Covid 19 with The Fountain, with the release of their new single and EP.

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Emile: The reception has been overwhelmingly positive

Emile is a UK born indie-pop artist, based between London, Berlin and Copenhagen. At the age of 18, he re-embraced his childhood love for pop music, and began working as an engineer at the renowned Kensaltown Studios in London, where he met his current writing and production collaborator Flo Reutter. Having cut his teeth for several years under the watchful eye of producer Martin Terefe, Emile soon found his own voice in songwriting and poetry, and has released new single Pale Imitation. Emile spoke with The Fountain about the single in more depth.

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Thao & The Get Down Stay Down: You can expect big beats, lush melodies, a lot of vulnerability, grief and joy and some love songs

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, the Oakland-based band fronted by singer and songwriter Thao Nguyen, is now debuting the new video for the track Phenom. Shot entirely via Zoom video conferencing software in the midst of California’s Stay At Home order, the video was filmed without any of the collaborators ever being in the same room together. The Fountain spoke with Thao about the single and plans for the coming year.

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Lloyd James Fay: I like to let songs write themselves and then reflect or infer what the influences were

Introspective troubadour Lloyd James Fay returns with the release of his EP Fake Depth, which opens with new forthcoming single Idiocracy. Talking about the EP, Fay elaborates, “the theme is reflecting on what the internet, social media and modern technology is doing to society. How we have never been more connected yet at the same time so divided as people silo into echo chambers and fall foul of cognitive biases. Reflecting on the best thing about the internet is that it has given everyone a voice and the worst thing is that is has given everyone a voice. Trying to capture the zeitgeist of this moment where a celebrity narcissist is the most powerful person on the planet because of Twitter. And from a personal point of view, my journey from being an internet utopian to a dystopian.” Fey spoke with The Fountain in more depth about the singles, Hypocrisy and Every Time I’m Wrong in more depth.

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Bethany Ferrie: It all just came together one day when I looked over it again

Bethany Ferrie has just released new single, Stayed, which took a couple of rewrites. It’s only in the past year that Bethany has started releasing music and gigging wherever she can. With just her and an acoustic guitar, Bethany brings her pop music to life with hints of Fleetwood Mac, Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran. Bethany spoke to The Fountain about her influences as well as the single.

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Olivia Anna Livki: It’s a song about a female influencer with a huge booty making huge money

Olivia Anna Livki (aka LiVKI) is a DIY-force of nature. Singer, bassist, songwriter and producer who creates her own artwork, costumes and music videos, she is a postpunk-diva working her bass guitar like a weapon. With new single, Spectacular, out as well as new LP, Digital Dissidents, The Fountain caught up with her to discuss plans and influences for her music.

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