Shred Kelly: The songs typically start on the folk side of things and build to a frenzy

Canadian folk-rock four-piece Shred Kelly will release their most ambitious project yet in their fourth album, Archipelago, today. The collaborative song-writing and influences of Tim Newton, Sage McBride, Jordan Vlasschaert and Ty West has resulted in a compilation of dreamy, yet explosively exciting songs to make Archipelago.
The band spoke with The Fountain about what we can expect from this record as well as their favourite gig to date.

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Brocker Way: These tracks leaned more towards the landscape of the series

The original soundtrack by Los Angeles based composer, Brocker Way, to hit Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country was recently released via Western Vinyl. Making it an entity of its own as well as killing the arrogance in the series, Brocker Way has successfully pulled off this ambitious task.
He spoke with The Fountain about scoring the series as well as whether we can look forward to live gigging of these scores.

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National Album Day – Our Favourites

Today is the very first National Album Day, whereby the nation is invited to play at precisely 3:33pm sit back and listen to their favourite album in full. As such we decided to take a retrospective trip into our favourite albums, which on the whole has an air of nostalgia.

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Christian Hardy: The Spree is the first date in a short UK run

Ivor-Novello nominated folk band, The Leisure Society, are performing at this year’s Spree Festival in the heart of Paisley, along with the Duke Special next week, and will be treating us to some of their new tracks as well as their old. 

Christian Hardy who plays keyboard for the band spoke to The Fountain about what we are likely to expect from their fifth release and their love of performing to a Scottish crowd.

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Arc Iris: It lyrically intimately touches on our leaders, followers and rebels and how their roles interact

With their new album Icon of Ego due for release this Friday via Ba Da Bing Records, Providence trio Arc Iris, fronted by Jocie Adams, formerly of The Low Anthem, are sharing new single If You Can See. With their third LP release, Arc Iris has become an unstoppable force.
The band spoke with The Fountain about their favourite tour as well as who their Icon of Ego really is.

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Godsticks: In all sincerity it was one of the highlights of the tour

Welsh rockers Godsticks are set to play Glasgow this week, playing tracks from their most recent album, Faced With Rage, and may even be introducing some brand-new songs. Performing at a new venue for them, the Garage, they are excited about hitting Scotland yet again.
The band spoke with The Fountain about playing to a Glasgow crowd as well as their favourite gig to date.

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Craig MacLeod: It purposely has a different rhythm and feel to it

Crushed By The Weight is the third single from DIY band, Dead Fiction, via Meraki Records. The Scottish rockers have recorded a song about the weight of money, or the pressure due to the lack of it, incorporating a plethora of metaphors and word play.
Craig MacLeod from the band spoke with The Fountain about the future plans for Dead Fiction, and the deeper meaning behind the song.

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Michael Pedersen & Bréon Rydell: It was captivating, mesmerizing, enchanting, heartbreaking and beautiful in one poetic whirl

The Neu! Reekie! lads are at it again, this time in the co-production of the play, It Is Easy To Be Dead, bringing Charles Hamilton Sorley back to his home to Aberdeen, namely The Tivoli Theatre. Working with Bréon Rydell, Michael Pedersen will give a taster tonight at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh with guest performer songstress Rachel Sermanni lulling the audience into a haunting atmos, offering an entertaining event. 

Both Bréon (BR) and Michael (MP) spoke with The Fountain about how this production came about and what inspired the collaboration.

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