Nell Leyshon: It’s a transformation story, an inspirational tale

Three Letters is one of nine specially-commissioned audio dramas being recorded in front of a live audience for BBC Radio 3 at Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. Playwright and star, Nell Leyshon, was specifically commissioned for this project, telling her own story of how her reinvention of herself after children was halted by illness.
Nell spoke with The Fountain about the autobiographical aspect of this play as well as providing great advice for aspiring playwrights.

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Review: Belle & Sebastian Rating 75%

Review: Belle & Sebastian

This gig in a famous Frankfurt venue runs with such teutonic punctuality that we manage to miss Jane Weaver’s support slot. Instead, Belle & Sebastian greet us: “Guten abend meine damen und herren”. These girls (and boys) in peacetime want to dance, with hits from their critically lauded last album bookending tonight’s set. In between we journey through an extensive back catalogue which travels well and sees Batschkapp briefly turning Barras.

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