Review: Lisa Alvarado, Alex Olson and Daniel Sinsel Rating 67%

Review: Lisa Alvarado, Alex Olson and Daniel Sinsel

Within young gallery, Mary Mary Gallery, situated in the heart of Glasgow’s centre, sits an ambitious three-person exhibition, three painters that seek to ambitiously present ideas in a non-conformity fashion. Vibrant, and experimental, all three are not obviously linked but certainly share these approaches, as the three root themselves in a more textural application of paint.

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Review: Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival Rating 84%

Review: Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival

Having never spent more than an hour in Berwick-upon-Tweed, and those few visits all related to coming or going somewhere else, I’m not sure what to expect from a five-day sojourn. What will a film & media festival be like in this small coastal town? I imagine tramping back and forth from my accommodation to a few different venues, seeing most of the things worth seeing after a couple of days. I certainly don’t imagine that I will leave having missed things I wanted to see, or with the feeling that there were even more places to discover than I had time for.

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Johanna Flanagan: They have very challenging successful shows

Johanna Flanagan has an exhibition of work in the Tighnabruaich Gallery titled The Book of Secrets, which will be there for the duration of October.
Known to many as The Pale Rook, Johanna is a textile artist fascinated with dolls and storytelling, which heavily comes across in her pieces, and she spoke with The Fountain about her processes, her intuitive practice, the inspiration behind the name and other projects brewing alongside this stunning exhibition

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Review: Glasgow Science Centre Lates Rating 90%

Review: Glasgow Science Centre Lates

Have you ever seen a fire tornado? ‘Cause I have. And in controlled circumstances with no risk to life its really pretty awesome. The Glasgow Science Centre Lates are part of the trend for opening normally child friendly sites up to adults only. It can be a token effort and sometimes really crap (*cough* zoo night) but GSC have knocked it out the park.

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Andy Summers: We didn’t ask, we just did it

Initiated by a group of architects, designers, photographers, engineers, visual artists, curators and musicians the Architecture Fringe is an independent, contributor-led series of events and projects across the arts, which explores architecture and how it makes a difference to our lives.
Andy Summers, a co-producer of the Architecture Fringe, which kicked off on 1st July 2017, spoke to The Fountain about its short but ambitious life span, the themes of this year’s programme and explores the wider questions.

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Review: In The Ink Dark Rating 83%

Review: In The Ink Dark

‘Dreamt as a living poem, it is a wander along the water, a seat beside someone on a bench, a conversation, a landscape of words written with bodies, a space for you to reflect, remember, imagine, in honour of things loved and lost’ – Luke Pell (Maker and Creator – In The Ink Dark)

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Review: Semispecific Rating 80%

Review: Semispecific

As with most everything associated with Cryptic, the glasgow-based incubator of outre art events as consistently memorable as they are baffling, Semispecific was an experience that’s hard to put into words. To put it reductively, the event resembled something akin to a highbrow club night condensed into an hour and held in an exhibition space – part performance, part installation and part party. Utilising a twelve speaker surround sound system, searing white strip lights embedded in the walls and ceiling, and five suspended screens onto which abstract images were projected, artists Charlie Knox and Euan McKenzie created an engulfing multisensory experience in which the whole room seemed to come to life in time to the music. While audience members were free to move around the space as the wished, most stayed fixed to the spot, transfixed by the deluge of sensory information pouring in from all sides. 

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Review: A Birthday Celebration – 175 Years of Art Rating 77%

Review: A Birthday Celebration – 175 Years of Art

Celebrating the month of May with their 175th anniversary the Scottish Gallery on Dundas Street is commemorating it’s birthday with a whole host of contemporary and more historically Scottish art, with both an exhibition that speaks about their illustrious, whilst also showcasing the work of over one hundred artists, responding with small works of art.

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Review: Drawing People Drawing and Gravitational Geometry Rating 71%

Review: Drawing People Drawing and Gravitational Geometry

Reminiscent of watching my gran painting her oil paintings there was something about Lucy Payne’s exhibition, Drawing People Drawing, in Project Ability in 103 Trongate, which made it almost impossible to not be affected. Given a prime spot in the space, it was somewhat enjoyable to meander around these illustrations almost voyeuristically inhaling what these people are getting from the experience of life drawing. On the other hand, Daniel Donnelly’s Gravitational Geometry exhibition seemed to sit awkwardly outside of the main exhibition space, making it a little bit more difficult to engage. However, the skills are there.

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