Mandy McIntosh: Paisley is completely under the radar and that’s when things can be really fertile

Mandy McIntosh’s statue of May Donoghue was recently unveiled in Paisley, a first for Mandy in terms of permanent classic sculpture. This is a reflection of the more contemporary practices in Paisley, the juxtaposition of the classic with the experimental.
Mandy spoke with The Fountain about her background and the process of creating a sculpture, as well as her thoughts on where Paisley fits in the Scottish art culture scene.

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Review: Collaborating With Genius, EIBF 2018 Rating 76%

Review: Collaborating With Genius, EIBF 2018

Jackie Morris, most recently known for her collaboration with Landmark’s author, Robert MacFarlane, on the beautifully illustrated The Lost Words, dropped by the Spiegeltent at the Edinburgh International Book Festival to talk about her work, collaborating, and how this all came about.

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Review: Portal, Sonica 2018 Rating 59%

Review: Portal, Sonica 2018

Cryptic in conjunction with the European Championships 2018 have made the Clyde Tunnel a conversation starter for the summer, and certainly a more appealing and stimulating walkway for pedestrians. Somewhat of an audiovisual journey, using both the work of multimedia artist Robbie Thomson and composer Alex Menzies, the 762 metre-long walkway of the Clyde Tunnel has been transformed into a sensory spectacle but not the spectacle we were expecting.

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Review: Jupiter Artland’s Romanti-Crash Rating 90%

Review: Jupiter Artland’s Romanti-Crash

I arrive at Jupiter Artland, the slightly otherworldly sculpture gardens and gallery a short ride outside of Edinburgh, having already missed four hours of the day’s programme. Romanti-Crash is a wedding-themed “sleepover” event of art, music, performance and workshops, with stages nestled around and about the immaculately-kept sculpted hills, mounds, pathways and pools of Charles Jencks’ landscape work Cells Of Life. I’ve never been here before, and walking down the long winding tree-lined road to the site (the sculpture gardens are part of a large private estate, owned by art philanthropists Nicky and Robert Wilson, who bought it in 1999, with the sculpture garden currently celebrating its tenth year as a public gallery), the sky is beginning to darken and a temporary deluge of rain and wind has replaced the earlier sunshine.

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Vic Galloway: Doing something like this feels like a watershed moment

There is no getting away from Scottish pop this summer, and to be honest why would you want to?! Whether it’s the Rip It Up exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland or the radio series on BBC Scotland, there is a vast amount of material out there and in several formats and structures, all bridging stories about Scotland’s music scene. And for those that are here for the Fringe this month and are wondering what else to do in Edinburgh, it is on our recommends list. For a mere ten pounds you can be guided through the history of Scottish pop music from the fifties through to the present day, a total bargain.
Vic Galloway, BBC Scotland presenter, was commissioned to write the book which accompanies the exhibition and was more than glad to be asked to speak about this with The Fountain.

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Joanna Susskind: We exist to encourage everyone and anyone to draw

Ten years ago Joanna Susskind established the life drawing class as we now know it as All The Young Nudes off the back of her course at the Glasgow School of Art. With this tenth anniversary there is much to look forward to whether it’s Art Salons at Jupiter Artland (in fact there is one tonight) or sketching at The Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine.
Joanna spoke to The Fountain about what drove her to set up All The Young Nudes, the collaborative events on the horizon to celebrate the anniversary as well her future focus.

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Review: Rip It Up Exhibition Rating 80%

Review: Rip It Up Exhibition

If I were to advise visitors of the National Museum of Scotland’s exhibition, Rip It Up, it would be this. Don’t go on a stiflingly hot day with a hangover. Although housed in a dark space, there is a constant barrage of noise to cope with. Certainly it seems natural to have music in an exhibition about pop, but I found the twenty-second bursts of various songs punctuating the aural experience both musically frustrating and emotionally confusing. Of course, I could have listened to one of the exhibits through headphones but, you know: that hangover.

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Jean Cameron & Katie Reid: Processions is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in a mass participatory artwork

On Sunday 10th June, we will witness a unique mass-scale procession in four capitals, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and London to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage which you may have caught glimpse to, Processions. Allowing conversation and discussion about being a women in the 21st century as well as playing an understanding to scale of marches and the fight for suffrage in the 1800s, Processions Edinburgh will be a great opportunity to celebrate the first votes for women in 1918.
Jean Cameron, national coordinator for Processions Edinburgh and Katie Reid from the Glasgow Women’s Library told us more about the project and how to get involved.

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Review: Doors That Open, “The Grand Finale” Rating 82%

Review: Doors That Open, “The Grand Finale”

A few years ago I produced a work call 26 Doors Between My House and Yours – pictures and poems on the significance and symbolism of doors. When I saw an event called Doors That Open I felt that I ought to review it. However, I knew it would be difficult to write up an event at St Margaret’s House arts complex on London Road without mentioning recent news. While I didn’t want to make this review about an ‘issue’ it seemed inevitable that it would creep in.

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Review: Lisa Alvarado, Alex Olson and Daniel Sinsel Rating 67%

Review: Lisa Alvarado, Alex Olson and Daniel Sinsel

Within young gallery, Mary Mary Gallery, situated in the heart of Glasgow’s centre, sits an ambitious three-person exhibition, three painters that seek to ambitiously present ideas in a non-conformity fashion. Vibrant, and experimental, all three are not obviously linked but certainly share these approaches, as the three root themselves in a more textural application of paint.

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Review: Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival Rating 84%

Review: Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival

Having never spent more than an hour in Berwick-upon-Tweed, and those few visits all related to coming or going somewhere else, I’m not sure what to expect from a five-day sojourn. What will a film & media festival be like in this small coastal town? I imagine tramping back and forth from my accommodation to a few different venues, seeing most of the things worth seeing after a couple of days. I certainly don’t imagine that I will leave having missed things I wanted to see, or with the feeling that there were even more places to discover than I had time for.

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