Review: Meadowlark – Postcards

The first album by Meadowlark comes complete with a polish from ex-Massive Attack, Chvches and U2 collaborator Spike Stent, and it’s easy to see what drew him to the Bristol duo. The well-crafted songs here make this a refined choice for your listening pleasure this summer, once you’ve tired of Lorde.

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Review: The Stevens – Good

“Lo-fi” as a genre is one that of course doesn’t lean in to the polished end of the rock genre. Aussie songsters The Stevens definitely don’t want to give too much of a concession to aural fidelity – which is a shame, as there’s plenty to love here if you can get past the morass of fuzz. 

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Review: Guns N’ Roses

Well, well, well. In London for the first time since the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992 is the classic line-up of the most dangerous band in the world, 26 years, one burst pancreas and several acrimonious spitting contests later.

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Review: Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman combines feminity and ferociousness, and ends up a tonne of fun, as she unleashes Gal Gadot and the lasso of truth to not only liberate humanity from its worst destructive impulses in 1918 Belgium, but to also free the DC Extended Universe from its tedium.

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Review: Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is the least of the three African-American led Oscar-bait pics making a charge for the pinnacle of this year’s award season. Unlike Moonlight and Fences, it will probably be remembered as being a gentle – yet entertaining enough – cousin to those excoriating examples of downtrodden lives. 

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