Review: Idlewild – Interview Music

It’s been some ride for Edinburgh’s finest. Following the end of a residency at King Tut’s in 2008, there was a feeling that an era had ended and the band’s best days were behind them. The six year gap between 2009’s decent-yet-unfocussed Post Electric Blues and their next album seemed to confirm this – yet clearly someone forgot to tell Idlewild.

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Review: Glass

When Logan saw the last breaths of a beloved character, there sprang a debate as to whether that film was the best comic book movie. It had a self-reflexive edge, as evidenced by the fact it was confident enough in the knowledge its audience had about its source material and influences to have its characters read comic books and watch Shane. In certain pop culturally-aware company, the question “Logan or The Dark Knight?” means bunkering down into a maelstrom of debate indicative of the hold the superhero genre has on modern cinema.

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Review: Subjective – Act One: Music For Inanimate Objects

The OG UK “alternative” pioneer and man who definitely-maybe-is-but-maybe-definitely-not related to Finlay Quaye (deep cut nineties reference there) – strikes back with a solid collection of beats and synthscapes only he could provide. Ulterior Motive’s James Davidson joins him for their first collaboration as project Subjective.

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