Review: R.E.M at the BBC

R.E.M…I haven’t thought about R.E.M in an age. Of course, I remember them being about, but then I always thought of them as being a little too white bread, a proper MOR band that had some status, but no real verve. They never did anything exotic like U2 did when they almost died of smug embarrassment after Rattle And Hum and then touched heaven with the all-timer Achtung Baby. Of course, Shiny Happy People or Losing My Religion were ok, and everyone on TV seemed to have a cry during a sad montage to Everybody Hurts at least once. They went stratospheric in the nineties, but it says an awful lot about the arctic-temperature excitement factor R.E.M generated within me that, whilst other bands of that decade who found their way onto my mixtape were shoving shotguns in their faces, inciting stadium riots or throwing down at the BRIT awards, the most rock thing anyone in R.E.M did was throw a yoghurt at someone during a wee strop on a plane.

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Review: Overlord

Just before D-Day, A US platoon is parachuted behind enemy lines to destroy a Nazi radio tower. Then they discover the French village near the target has both a secret laboratory and a touch of the occult running under it….

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Review: The Predator

When an army sniper witnesses an attack by a seemingly invisible extraterrestrial hunter, he and his estranged family are dragged into both a government conspiracy and an alien civil war.

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Review: Anna Calvi – Hunter

Getting out her Let’s Dance guitar pedal and blasting out that falsetto for the first time since 2013’s One Breath, Anna Calvi reaches for the sky and bursts through the clouds on her third, benchmark-setting, album, Hunter.

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