Review: Avengers, Infinity War

The Avengers find themselves reconciling and teaming up with the Guardians Of The Galaxy to stop galactic über-baddie Thanos (Josh Brolin) from assembling The Infinity Stones, elemental crystals from the dawn of the The Big Bang. The collective strength of these stones would give Thanos the power he needs to enact his lifelong wish: to eradicate half of all life in the universe.

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Review: Far Cry 5

This, the fifth main entry in the stalwart first-person shooter series, is the first to sidestep concerns of Imperialist or disaster tourism tendencies by being located in rural Montana. You, as a silent character referred to as “Deputy” or “Rookie” (you’re given the option to choose your character’s gender and race), are initially involved in a chaotic attempt to arrest doomsday cult leader Joseph Seed, and soon find yourself picking up arms to take back Hope County from the messianic Seed family and their Eden’s Gate followers.

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Review: Ready Player One

Ernest Cline’s pop culture love letter/empty geek pandering is brought from book to screen by the man who, if Peter Biskind is to be believed, probably started the plasticity of modern cinema and culture in general: Steven Spielberg.

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Review: Concert For George

When cancer eventually did for George Harrison what a stab-happy home invader and a decade in Abbey Road tolerating bandmate Paul McCartney’s bi**hing couldn’t, there was of course a mourning for the man who will forever be remembered as the guitarist in The Beatles. Yet Concert for George wants you to remember he was more than that. Organised by Olivia Harrison and her son Dhani, and helped of course by Eric Clapton, said 2002 memorial concert has been newly re-mastered to commemorate what would have been Harrison’s 75th birthday.

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Review: U2 – Songs of Experience

This, U2’s 14th studio album, comes after 2014’s Song Of Innocence, an album that (after the fuss of its intrusive delivery onto the libraries of unsuspecting iTunes users worldwide died down) carried some hope that the Irish monoliths wouldn’t fade out into a glorified greatest hits band a la The Rolling Stones. This album, whilst not sending them fully over that hill, certainly sees their ascent steepening.

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