Review: Fawlty Towers Live Themed Dinner Show, Fringe 2019

2019 brings us a choice of not one, but two Fawlty Towers themed dining experiences. The most notable difference is that this one, as its marketing is keen to remind us, is fully endorsed by John Cleese and Connie Booth. This is its first time at the Fringe, where dinner shows have long proven popular options for punters seeking a longer, more elegant experience than the average show can provide.

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Review: Friendsical, Fringe 2019

In yet more 90s nostalgia, reincarnations of New York’s best-loved Friends hit the Fringe with a musical version of their entire history. It’s no mean feat to fit that many episodes into an hour and a half – with original tunes. And while they cover a lot of ground, they do so at such speeds it’s nothing short of frantic.

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Review: Friend, Fringe 2019

As soon as we arrive in the Central Perk styled venue (“all similarities with a fictional 90s TV show are purely coincidental” we’re told as a legal disclaimer), we know the deal. This is full of nostalgia, for a comedy series that’s achieved legendary status. It’s not the only piece to take more than a little inspiration from Friends this Fringe. And it’s a marketers dream, because anything connected to the show will draw crowds, hungry for the tropes and reminiscence.

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Review: Assembly Gala Launch, Fringe 2019

Assembly’s programme launch is unique. At other venues, these are closed-door events reserved only for the press. But here the launch is extended into a full two-hour gala performance with both media and the ticket-buying public looking on. As such, this one is a slick, audience ready affair, designed not only for photo ops and press info but to provide a night of glamorous, appetite-whetting variety, to a packed Assembly Hall.

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Review: Underbelly Programme Launch, Fringe 2019

The big four (Underbelly, Assembly, Gilded Balloon and Pleasance) offer a wealth of dynamic, innovative, reliable and high profile shows ever year, and this is no exception. Underbelly’s Fringe was launched in the iconic Udderbelly, with comedy, improv, sketch and circus excerpts for the gathered media to enjoy. The big purple cow takes residence in Underbelly’s George Square ‘pasture’, surrounded by tempting food smells and a lively Fringe atmosphere. But Underbelly’s reach is far wider, with hubs across the city, notably: Bristo Square, Cowgate and its relatively recent circus set up on the Meadows.

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