Review: The Journey of (Tini) Martini Enlightenment, Fringe 2019

The Hendricks Gin experiences have been an annual fixture at the Fringe for some time. A few years ago I was lucky enough to get a seat on their bus, disguised as a giant cucumber no less, for an amusing and highly enjoyable elegant gin tea combined with a comedy guided city tour. Tickets were priced ridiculously low (it included a gin cocktail in a teapot, G&T and macaron for a few pounds), perhaps as it was being used chiefly as a marketing vehicle. Then last year they offered a brief free gin tasting comedy experience at their pop up in Assembly Gardens. In 2019 they have launched a paid and ticketed show.

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Review: Daniel Nils Roberts – The History of the World in 1 Hour, Fringe 2019

While Daniel Nils Roberts may not be a household name, he’s a ‘name’ in Fringe circles, having achieved success as part of the acclaimed hit improvised show, Austentatious. Coming from this kind of pedigree, we know we can expect a slick, well put together, professional and reasonably funny show (many of the Austentatious crew bring solo shows to the Fringe). And this is exactly what we get.

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