Review: Dirty Dancing

When one of the most iconic films of all time is adapted for stage, it’s difficult not to draw comparisons. After all, the takings at the box office will inevitably carry a direct link to the film’s loyal a fan base  and this raises a question as to whether these types of productions should offer a lookalike, soundalike reminiscence of the original or strive to provide a new angle with some alternative characterisations.  Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage does a bit of both, but in the first half at least, not especially satisfyingly and while it is destined to be a hit, it rides on the success of the original.

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Review: The Red Shoes

This production is renowned choreographer and director Matthew Bourne’s interpretation of The Red Shoes. The story was originally written by Hans Christian Andersen and made famous on film in 1948, with ballerina Moira Shearer starring as the protagonist torn between her career and the man with whom she falls in love. 

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Review: Alice in Wonderland

We are invited into the curious and famous world of Wonderland in this winter offering from the Lyceum. There’s always both risk and benefit in producing such a well loved and broadly interpreted story. Audiences will attend with enthusiasm, but expectations are high and often specific.

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