Review: Twelfth Night

The scene for this incarnation of Twelfth Night (a joint venture by the superpowers of the Edinburgh Lyceum and Bristol Old Vic), looks like an imagined interpretation of a house party at George Harrison’s in the seventies. There’s a sense of hedonism, in a gentle hippy way, as the characters drink, dance, sing and play (for music is the food of love don’t ya know?). There’s a distinctly odd feel to proceedings aided by the psychedelic-meets-medieval tunes played on a range of both ubiquitous and obscure instruments. The costumes too are deliciously strange, incorporating glam rock, woodstock, power suits and a whole lot of sequins. The stunning and creative set design makes use of two fireman’s poles connecting the mansion set’s upper level with the main stage, a ladder connecting the Royal Box and a hole in the set wall from which various actors emerge. It’s multifaceted, layered and a visual feast – even without anyone uttering a word.

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Kinky Boots Comes To Edinburgh

It’s an Olivier award winning hit musical. It has dazzled audiences internationally and has been running in the West End of London for years. It features songs by Grammy and Tony award winning artist Cyndi Lauper. And now Kinky Boots comes to Edinburgh, in all of its glamorous glory.

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Just Festival: Inspiring and diverse events that’ll feed your soul this Fringe

Just Festival offers something unlike any other venue’s programmes. Made up of a mixture of performances, talks and conversations (some of which are free), it’s a socially conscious festival. Celebrating humanity in all its differences, it operates with the aims of exploring new perspectives, challenging perceptions, promoting respectful dialogue and reducing religious, political and social intolerance.

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Review: C Venues Programme Launch, Fringe 2018

C Venues has been a familiar fixture at the Fringe for nearly three decades. There’s C, C royale, C south, C cubed, C aquila, C too and perhaps the most exciting and innovative, C at New Town Cookery School. This is able to house Comfort Food Cabaret, Michelle Pearson’s show that incorporating charming vocals and a live cooking demonstration culminating in the creation of a three course meal (which, by the way, the audience gets to eat). In so doing she is able to provide a feast for not only the eyes and ears, but the taste buds too – an all round treat. She’s not the only Fringe performer to have cooked up something along these lines, but the setting of her piece could not be better. Pearson gave us a taste (so many puns) of the Comfort Food Cabaret experience during the 2018 C Venues press launch, as she hosted proceedings, and fed us brownies.

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Review: Assembly Programme Press Launch, Fringe 2018

If you’ve been to Edinburgh in August, chances are you’ve seen a show at one of the Assembly venues. Finding yourself at the Assembly Rooms instead of Assembly Hall or Assembly George Square five minutes before your pre-booked show is due to start, is a rite of Fringe passage. Not least because they’re so far apart with an obstacle course to navigate in between (so many steps, hills, passages, cobbles and dazed wandering tourists), a last minute mad dash probably won’t cut it. Stand-up comedians often ask latecomers if they went to the wrong one. It’s an inevitable occurence.

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