Review: Gus Dapperton – Where Polly People Go To Read

Aesthetic pop knows its audience. His perfectly cut bangs and face worthy of fashion adverts framed in neon on Where Polly People Go to Read’s cover, Gus Dapperton’s music is the kind of synth pop perfect for 2019. It caters to our familiarity with electronic music, which sounds both modern and retro, nostalgia mixed with our rediscovered love for synths and hooks. But it’s also tied into how artists present themselves, carefully curating personas which makes their presence on Instagram as big a deal as where they land on the charts.

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Review: Tacocat – This Mess Is A Place

There’s a whole genre of feminist pop punk, sonically diverse but a united community sharing a fanbase and ethos. Woody Guthrie’s guitar said “this machine kills fascists” and in this scene, flourishing in the 2010s thanks to a combination of empowerment and necessity, these bands are lyrically killing outdated notions of gender and injecting guitar music with much needed relevance and bite.

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Review: Charly Bliss – Young Enough

Just in time for summer, powerpop-slash-bubblegrungers Charly Bliss return with their sophomore record. “It’s gonna break my heart to see you blown to bits,” sings Eva Hendricks joyfully on the opening track, proof a chorus can be delivered with the passive aggression of a smiling emoji.

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Review: The Anatomy of Silence

Not a week goes past without some sort of injustice hitting social media. It might not make the news, but in certain circles, it does the rounds. Whispered words were once the way women protected themselves from dangerous situations. Everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein before everyone knew about him because gossip was a weapon of defence. But now the world is more connected, and in some ways less beholden to laws which prevent journalists potentially printing something defamatory. The allegations towards R. Kelly and Bryan Singer began with similar whispers and are now unavoidable, the news free to report on what other people are saying online.

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Review: Skating Polly

It is a repeated refrain, but a true one: guitar music is not cool anymore. It will be, again, but beats and synth are in where once the riff reigned supreme. Those still subscribing to all things rock have committed to one of two things: downplaying their more abrasive sounds for crossover appeal; or, doubling down and turning the guitars up.

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