Review: Mong Tong – Mystery

Taiwanese psychedelic duo Mong Tong translate their Chinese name as ‘the east-side of dreams’. Like a half-remembered dream from the night before, Mystery is a brief and hazy record, steeped in a nostalgia fused by disparate influences, from traditional instrumentation to electronica.

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Review: The Grump

The good old days, when a man and wife had clearly defined roles and all you needed to be happy was an Escort. That’s where The Grump lives, when men were men and the idea of duty was something someone took up rather than questioned. It was the responsibility of his generation to repopulate and rebuild the country after World War II, he says.

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Review: The 1975 – Notes on a Conditional Form

Whether you like it or not, The 1975 are one of the biggest bands on the planet and Matt Healy is a bona fide rock star. His mix of sincere confessionalism and self-deprecation has resonated with people searching for something to make an emotional connection with among endless streams of content. That buzz reached fever pitch with 2018’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, an epic mishmash of genres that felt distinctly now.

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Review: The Assistant

Jane is the first person in the office and the last one out. She also wipes the stains off her boss’s couch. She’s an entry level assistant for an unseen and influential figure in the film world with a conveyer belt of young women visiting his office, a nod to Harvey Weinstein. The Assistant is a day in Jane’s life.

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Review: Trivium – What The Dead Men Say

Props to Trivium for embracing the 21st century in a way few other mainstream metal acts have. For the last few years they’ve live-streamed all of their performances on Twitch, and frontman Matt Heafy uses the platform as a kind of side-hustle when he’s not on tour, twice daily putting on gigs from his home, gaming, and chatting with fans. When it comes to self-promotion, Trivium are putting the hours in.

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