Review: John Smith

I knew this gig would be a sedate affair after I overheard three people ordering Merlot at the bar when I arrived at the Caves. Merlot! At a gig? I ask you. And, for context, it’s important to say that I had had a long day, and that was before I walked through the tail end of a hurricane to get to the gig. Maybe a little part of me was wishing myself back home in my PJs watching W1A.

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Review: Letters to Morrissey, Fringe 2017

We file into the black basement box that is Traverse 2, squeezing passed award-winning playwright Gary McNair, who is already on stage. He’s lying on his back next to a record player, singing along to some of Mozza’s greatest hits. Then the house lights go down, and the next hour holds moments of real poignancy and proper laughter as McNair’s teenage protagonist uses a series of letters to his coiffed hero to navigate the ups and downs of growing up on the outskirts of Glasgow in a town known as ‘the suicide capital of Scotland’.

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