Review: Maisy Goes To The Bookshop by Lucy Cousins

Lucy Cousins has done it again – gifted us with another timeless adventure starring Maisy Mouse. First created by Lucy in 1990, Maisy is one of the few characters from the world of children’s illustration to remain both unchanged and steadfastly on our bookshelves. The bold illustrations, predominantly composed of primary colours, continue to shout at us from the shelves of our local bookshops. It should come as no surprise that Lucy has once again taken an incredibly simple, everyday experience and transformed it into an exciting, colourful adventure.

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Review: No, Nancy, No! by Alice Tait

Telling the tale of Nancy and her dog, Roger, as they travel across London in the hope of returning a lost teddy, No, Nancy, No! is a fast paced, action packed adventure. Weaving in and out of lift-the-flaps and pop-ups through the city’s bustling streets, this story is a perfect introduction to the wonders of London’s iconic landmarks.

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Review: Poor Louie by Tony Fucile

“My name is Louie, by the way. Or it was. Now they just call me…Poor Louie.”
Louie, an adorable little puppy with sad brown eyes, introduces us to his story. Before reaching the title page of the book, those sorrowful eyes have drawn the reader right in, already questioning if things are really half as terrible for Louie as they’re made out to be.

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