Review: The Good Postman, Glasgow Film Festival

The village of Great Dervent sits precisely on the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. It has stood during the fall of the Ottoman Empire and has been subject to much change due to its strategic location. Now it sees new faces, those fleeing from Syria as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. Border patrols are not enough to stop everyone who comes through hoping to make it to the Bulgarian capital of Sofia and beyond. Ivan Fransunov, the postman of the village, is running for mayor and intends to welcome the refugees in order to bring life back to his home. With just forty-six eligible voters, every person counts. His competition includes the incumbent mayor Vesa (who in her mid-40s is considered by many to be far too young to govern) and a fiery frenemy who seeks the reinstatement of communism whilst wholeheartedly rejecting taking in immigrants and refugees.

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