Review: The Big Moon, Museum of the Moon

The moon is swaying ever so slightly above our heads. Not figuratively. Really. We are sat beneath a seven metre wide 1:500,000 replica of the moon that floats on nearly invisible string in the middle of the Mackintosh Church. It forms part of the 150th anniversary of ‘Mack’. The latest project of Luke Jerram shines bright against the dark wood and Mackintosh style famed for simple curved lines making the perfect replication of every bumpy detail of the surface of the moon starker still.

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Review: 549: Scots of the Civil War

What do we die for? What unites us? What change can one person make? What does this have to do with the lives of four ordinary men from Prestonpans? Big questions asked by 549: Scots of the Civil War from Wonder Fools theatre company. I shall tell you; its four blokes from Prestonpans who volunteered for the International Brigade fighting Franco in the 1936 Spanish Civil War. And its four blokes sitting in a pub in modern Prestonpans who open up proceedings before interrupted by the ghost of George Watters – one of those who went to Spain.

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Review: Yerma

Having gasped at Angels in America, Yerma is the latest virtual experience of live theatre watched in a cinema hundreds of miles away.  The two could not be of more contrast. Angels in America soars with hyper-real and verbose movement through the otherworldly.

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Review: Blanche & Butch

‘Piss on Pity’ exclaims the t-shirt of Butch as he pretties his face. Three disabled drag queens are putting on a theatrical production of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. The classic thriller horror film about a faded film star keeping her paraplegic sister trapped in a castle. We are invited backstage as they get ready for their performance, now in front of a London producer reviving hopes of a big break. As well as familiar rumination of fading glory in advancing age the threat of cruelty in the film hovers constantly above this play providing a tension about saying things in an environment where seemingly nothing is off limits. ‘Crip’ is liberally used, characters referred to as ‘the big homo from Soho’ and you can also learn the British Sign Language action for ‘up the arse’. You’ll know it when you see it. 

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