Review: Christine Bovill – Tonight You Belong To Me, Fringe 2019

Want a show that takes you on a seamless journey across the Atlantic to New York of the roaring 1920s from the renaissance of jazz after the Great War right through to the Great Depression and the Wall Street Crash then this is it! Entertainment on a level to be expected by a Scottish singer whose previous shows at the Fringe gained her The Spirit of the Fringe Award in 2017.

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Review: Home, Fringe 2019

What does Home mean to you? A place of sanctuary, a roof over your head or something else? This was the question posed by Active Inquiry Theatre Company in association with three local groups in Edinburgh: The Alma Project, Bethany Christian Trust and Shakti Women’s Aid.

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Review: Phamie Gow and Phriends, Fringe 2019

If it’s true that friends are the family we choose then Phamie Gow comes from a greatly talented background with multicultural and global siblings. Last night was a clan gathering hosted by the world renowned composer and performer in her hometown of Edinburgh that could not disappoint given her ten million plays on Spotify in the last year and previous performances including the opening of the Scottish Parliament and the closing ceremony of the London Olympics amongst many others.

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Review: Edinburgh Beer Festival

It’s true that oaks from acorns grow and last Saturday’s sellout beer festival at Stewart Brewing was testament to that.  Founder Steve led an informative and enthusiastic tour around the factory based in the outskirts of Edinburgh and explained the process of brewing and production from the selection of ingredients such as malt, hops and grain right down to the hand bottling of each of the thousands of bottles produced. A labour of love indeed, he told the story of his building his own brewery in small steps starting out, as most home brewers do, with a humble plastic bucket and the leap of faith which led him and his wife Jo to invest all their savings into his first brewery and wholesale beer, Edinburgh Number 3 in 2004.  

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