Review: Julia Hobsbawm, EIBF 2017

From the outset, Julia Hobsbawm’s chutzpah is apparent. In age of endless data creation and manipulation, of speed and deadlines, of efficiency and complexity, here stands a business woman saying, ‘wait, a second – what on earth are we doing?’ Her book, Fully Connected, argues not to return to a time of wistful nostalgia, to those pre-internet days when apparently we all got on and understood one another, but instead to pause for a moment and reassess whether the route we are going down is an altogether healthy one (she points to how global productivity is stagnant, for instance).

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Review: Johan Norberg, EIBF 2017

The event begins with the chair, Julia Hobsbawm, asking the audience to raise their hands if they currently felt optimistic about the world, and predictably only a few hands fly into the air. Johan Norberg, a Swedish academic and author of Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future, smiles knowingly. He knows this is the case and knows that this is why we are all here: because we want to be convinced otherwise. 

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Review: A Manual For Heartache by Cathy Rentzenbrink

Cathy Rentzenbrink’s first book The Last Act of Love was a heartbreaking story of how her family came to terms with the tragic events that left, her brother Matty in a coma. After eight years, the family arrive at the unimaginably hard decision to let him go. Told with compassion and honesty, it is an unflinching look at grief, loss and strength.

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