Review: The Bookshop, Glasgow Film Fest 2018

Set in a Norfolk coastal town in the 1950s, The Bookshop follows the trials, tribulations and joys of middle-aged war widow, Florence Green (Emily Mortimer). When Florence, a relative newcomer to the town, decides to go ahead with her plans to open a bookshop, ignoring opposition from Mrs Gamut (Patricia Clarkson), a local upper-class socialite and political influencer, she learns that courage and a love of books is sometimes no match for the class snobbery and the ostensibly polite, but cruel, conservatism of a small English town.

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Review: Sugar Money by Jane Harris

Sugar Money, set in the midst of the slave trade, tells the story of two slave brothers, Lucien and Emile, who work on a plantation run by Friars in Martinique. The novel opens with the brothers being summoned to see their master, Father Cleophas, and ordered to embark on a mission to return to their homeland of Grenada and smuggle forty-two slaves back to Martinique, as the Friars believe the slaves to have been stolen by English invaders.

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What the F**k is Lesbian Cinema & The Book of Gabrielle, SQIFF

In the run up to her live drawing show, What the F**k is Lesbian Cinema, and the screening of her new film, The Book of Gabrielle, Lisa Gornick briefly introduces herself to the audience members before she swiftly begins to draw some of them, a projector allowing us all to watch the process in real time. Handing out portraits and flirty asides with charm and a kind of frantic nervousness, Lisa offers an arresting beginning and although the audience is at first caught off guard, her humour and wit soon work their way around the room and everyone is more or less settled by the start of the show.

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