Review: Cattle & Cane – Mirrors

An album that peaks and troughs with pathos, Mirrors is the new one from Cattle & Cane, siblings, Joe and Helen Hammill, which infectiously affects the most hardened with their soaring harmonies and stunning vocals. Packed with poetic lyrics and finger-picked guitars, their sophomore album will widen their presence.

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Keith Bonnington: Expect lovely citrus-lemon characters.

Colonsay Beverages, producers of Colonsay Beers, which includes Pig’s Paradise, IPA and 80 Shilling has launched of its premium gin, Wild Island Botanic Gin, which is infused with botanicals hand foraged on the remote Inner Hebridean island.
The Fountain spoke with Colonsay’s director, Keith Bonnington, about their reasons for producing this botanical spirit, the Juniper festival and where we can expect to find this fresh, crisp spirit.

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Review: Old Hat by Emily Gravett

From the writer of Tidy and The Odd Egg comes a book about hats but also an acceptance that we cannot always keep up with new fads and what’s trendy. A whimsically amusing story all about the pointlessness of vanity and the celebration of finding your own style and individuality comes this book brimming with brilliantly inventive hats for children to spot. Old Hat is a bold, colourful yet blunt book from the twice-winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal, Emily Gravett.

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