Review: Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

Vivid, cinematic, Before the Fall, written by television producer, Noah Hawley, is no ordinary thriller. This is precisely the type of thriller I am itching to read, if I am to pick up one. With full character development, a tight plot and a narrative that keeps you reading, this novel has the reader gripped.

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Review: Tennis – Yours Conditionally

Released this Friday is the new album of husband and wife duo of Alaina and Patrick, otherwise known as Tennis, Yours Conditionally, on the band’s own label Mutually Detrimental. Building on their dreamy juxtaposition of perfect melodies and classic song-writing, the new album sees a full circle return to their nautical roots of sorts, with the duo even writing part of the album while sailing at sea.

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C. E. Cumming: Young & old have all read & enjoyed the book

C. E. Cummings, Paisley-based scriptwriter and author had his first book published last year, The Admiralty Adventures – Treasure of the High Seas.
Cinematic in it’s imagery, the swashbuckling adventure has been appealing to both adults and children, with a strong sense of it enticing the non-avid readers. A rollicking read, set on the classic desert island backdrop, his book is worth picking up. With room for development, as we will no doubt see with more in the series, as let’s not forget, it is his first book.
The Fountain spoke with C. E. Cummings about his film career, his inspirations and influences as well as his transition from scripts to novels.

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Review: E. Bias – The Emmanuel Bias EP

Considered something of an experimental super-group, E. Bias incorporates Turner Prize-nominated artist Luke Fowler, the eclectic Richard Youngs and Franz Ferdinand’s Paul Thomson. Instigated out of correspondence between Youngs and Italian artist Emmanuel Maggi, a collaboration was formed. Youngs was sent the lyrics and rhythm tracks from Maggi’s debut record of several decades back, and formed with Fowler and Thompson. The Emmanuel Bias EP got underway.

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