Review: Night Theater by Vikram Paralkar

A poor surgeon flees a scandal in the city and accepts a job at a village clinic. He buys antibiotics out of pocket, squashes roaches, and chafes at the interventions of the corrupt officer who oversees his work. This new novel from Vikram Paralkar, Night Theater, delves into a spiritual depth, exploring afterlife and mortality.

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Heather Woods Broderick: It’s felt like this record has reached new people

With recent album Invitation out now via Western Vinyl, Heather Woods Broderick has announced a European tour this year, which includes a gig at Glasgow’s Hug and Pint. Since the release Heather has been touring extensively, both as part of Sharon Van Etten’s band and also playing various headline shows including Rough Trade East in London in 2019 and from the reviews I would advise you all get yourself to the West End Glasgow venue. The Fountain caught up with Heather to discuss her plans for 2020.

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LILURA: I’ve been working on my live set a lot this past year

Jemma Tweedie, otherwise known as LILURA, has released her new track Nylon. Hailing from the Scottish Highlands, the young singer-songwriter has evolved in recent years from a background in acoustic performances into owning stages from the UK to LA with her own brand of electro-pop. LILURA spoke with The Fountain about Nylon in more depth, as well as her plans for 2020.

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Yorkston/Thorne/Khan: It’s a good example of how this group continues to be wide open to trying each other’s ideas

Navarasa : Nine Emotions is the new album from Yorkston/Thorne/Khan, trio’s third record, realeased by Domino on 24th January. With this release, and their Celtic Connections gig on the horizon The Fountain thought it time to catch up with the trio to discuss the album in more depth, along with their plans to evolve.

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