Emma Zillmann: Our USP is the world’s third largest steerable radio telescope

Only a couple of years old, Bluedot is one of the more youthful yet invigorating festivals we have seen emerge from the UK festival scene over the last decade, with a science focus, utilising their extraordinary location, Jodrell Bank.
Emma Zillmann, whose job it is to programme the music strand of the festival, spoke with The Fountain about what it is that makes Bluedot special as well as the perks of her job.

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Mandy McIntosh: Paisley is completely under the radar and that’s when things can be really fertile

Mandy McIntosh’s statue of May Donoghue was recently unveiled in Paisley, a first for Mandy in terms of permanent classic sculpture. This is a reflection of the more contemporary practices in Paisley, the juxtaposition of the classic with the experimental.
Mandy spoke with The Fountain about her background and the process of creating a sculpture, as well as her thoughts on where Paisley fits in the Scottish art culture scene.

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Review: Suspiria

When I first heard that there was to be a remake of 1977 cult sinister feature, Suspiria, I was dubious that it would live up to the name Dario Argento has given this grisly horror. However, you only have to consider two names attached to this remake to give you room to reconsider this scepticism, Tilda Swinton and Thom Yorke, two very much acclaimed in their fields. Considering the changes to the plot without any spoilers it is obvious that Luca Guadagnino is not one hundred per cent loyal to the original but that does not necessarily take anything away, if anything it seems to open the doors to surprise, surprise, a sequel.

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