Steve Day: Every show is different and there’s no way of knowing how it will go

Comedian Steve Day is bringing his acclaimed bittersweet, heart-warming and updated one man show about his father’s dementia back to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. Steve’s dad died of Alzheimers. There’s nothing he can do about it except remember the way he was. Since his teens he has also been deaf but has new hearing aids so now he’s going through all the music he’s missed since then. A lot of this reminds him of his dad. Steve spoke with The Fountain about the Fringe show and offered tips to Fringe first time performers.

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Review: Teeth of the Sea

Teeth Of The Sea took themselves to Glasgow’s Broadcast to promote their new album, Wraith, supported by the local Glasgow-based Nothing>Universe. With their performance at the Science Museum in London fast-approaching for the ‘Apollo Moon Shot’ screening on June 21st, as well as the arrival of the new album there is much anticipation and excitement in the venue pre-set, and after their performance, well it all made sense and fell into place.

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Jessica Gerhardt: I often feel like I need a higher power within me to guide my actions

Jessica Gerhardt, a singer-songwriter and ukuleleist from Santa Monica, California, has been singing her whole life and started writing songs when she was only eight. She gained confidence in performing and being on stage through her involvement with The Virginia Avenue Project, a program that brings kids together with professional artists to create theater, shepherded at the time by founder and Artistic Director, Leigh Curran. She picked up the ukulele at 15, after receiving one as a gift, and taught herself to play. Her debut performances of original songs were at an open mic night for high school students called Downbeat 720, organized by the talented Joe Hernandez-Kolski and Joshua Silverstein. She has released a new single, Be My Hands, and took some time out to speak with The Fountain about potentially performing in Scotland and who she is keen to cover still.

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Review: Jules Rawlinson, Interval and Instance

As part of the most recent Cryptic programme, composer Jules Rawlinson composed and performed a new live score to archival footage from pioneering Scottish scientific filmmaker Eric Lucey and in an examination of speed, motion and scale. Creating a score that accompanies effectively to all three screens of alternate rotating archival footage is the task at hand and one Rawlinson achieves, with an industrial drone and discord that drills through you as you tune into the hypnotic footage.

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Glass Peaks: Life is like walking on glass, it could all fall through at any time

Inspired by Stephen King’s horror of the same title, the video for Glass Peaks’ Misery sees the Kent trio team-up with esteemed Grime videographer Danny Lowman to provide a fittingly intense visual element. Glass Peaks, otherwise Jake, Grant and Alfie have not only released their new video but also a new album, which came out last month from new label CloseUp. The band spoke with The Fountain about the video and the influence behind their band name.

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