Dr. Paulette Randall: I know I am blessed

Five Guys Named Moe has already hit Edinburgh this Winter at Festival Square Theatre and director, Dr. Paulette Randall (MBE) spoke with The Fountain about how she got involved with the show as well as her long-standing career as a theatre director as well as her experience in TV comedy.

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Review: Rambert

To mark Rambert’s 90th anniversary it has culminated its biggest and most exciting programme, which is clear from the ambition and professionalism achieved by the three pieces performed in the Festival Theatre last night. Included in this programme is Ghost Dances: the revival of one of the most requested works from Rambert’s repertoire, Christopher Bruce’s iconic 1981 work, premiering in Edinburgh, sat alongside two other dance pieces before touring in 2017.

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Review: Beans on Toast

Now if Russell Brand and Billy Bragg got together and had a child, I think it’s more than safe to say that their name would be Beans on Toast. With a self-deprecating but vocal tone to the night, along with politically-charged lyrics, troubadour and storyteller, Beans on Toast, enthused his crowd at Glasgow’s Stereo.

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