Rob Murphy: Dark but melodramatic enough

The Eskies have a new album release out on 1st December, their second LP, And Don’t Spare The Horses, which coincides with a promotional tour.

Rob Murphy, who plays mandolin for the band took time out to speak with The Fountain about the new release, the thought process behind the name, and what we can look forward to from The Eskies.

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Moulettes: The Òran Mór is a beautiful venue

Eclectic art rockers, Moulettes, have announced an extensive UK and Irish jaunt throughout December encompassing eighteen shows, which will include a performance at Oran Mor, Glasgow on December 4th.

The Fountain spoke with Hannah Miller (HM) and Raevennan Husbandes (RH) from the band about their influences, favourite gig to date and working with Pipe & Hat.

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Sean Lynott: We came back to it with fresh ears and new ideas

Sunbathers have just released their new single, Honeysuk, and earlier in the year teamed up with Belgian melodic house act Curtis Alto for a remix of their song Intimacy, which has been a hit.

The Fountain caught up with vocalist Sean Lynott about the Baltimore music scene, the story behind their new release and what’s next for Sunbathers.

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Gianni Paci: The story that this record tells is meaningful

Gianni Paci’s new EP I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left will be released on November 17. Gianni’s third EP, not counting two full length albums released under an old pseudonym, it’s a tight sounding record.

The Fountain caught up with Gianni Paci about his new record, his gig with The Butthole Surfers in Glasgow and what more we can look forward to from this musician.

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Horace Panter: I appreciate that a new audience is eager for information

Born in Croydon in 1953 Sir Horace Gentleman Panter met Jerry Dammers while doing an art degree at Coventry University. Together with Lynval Golding, they were the founding members of the iconic ska band, The Specials, setting out to change the world by making people ‘dance as well as think’.

Contributing to Manchester’s Louder Than Words festival, Horace Panter, who evidently requires no introduction spoke with The Fountain about the festival, which celebrates words within the music industry.

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