Haley Fohr: It’s a great and rewarding experience

With Reaching for Indigo out now on Drag City Records, and the release of video for track, Brainshifts, it has been an exciting year for Haley Fohr, otherwise known as Circuit des Yeux.

Haley took some time out of her schedule to discuss where the name, Circuit des Yeux, stemmed from and her plans for touring in 2018.

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Review: Lisa Alvarado, Alex Olson and Daniel Sinsel

Within young gallery, Mary Mary Gallery, situated in the heart of Glasgow’s centre, sits an ambitious three-person exhibition, three painters that seek to ambitiously present ideas in a non-conformity fashion. Vibrant, and experimental, all three are not obviously linked but certainly share these approaches, as the three root themselves in a more textural application of paint.

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