Review: Gogol Bordello – Seekers and Finders

Gogol Bordello’s new release, Seekers and Finders, which came out at the very end of August, playful and eclectic, is their seventh in their oeuvre. Renowned gypsy punk outfit Gogol Bordello has this time round created a novel album that was written on three different continents, amplifying their multi-cultural sound.

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Review: Patrick Ness, EIBF 2017

Promoting his new YA title, Release, Patrick Ness made it to Edinburgh International Book Festival to discuss not writing chosen kid narratives, mental health and a refreshing approach to writing for teenagers. The highly acclaimed and award-winning author spoke at the book festival to an audience of fans allowing them to engage with him on a Q&A level and get a better sense of this new title.

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Review: Cressida Cowell – Siobhan Dowd Trust Memorial Lecture, EIBF 2017

Siobhan Dowd, award-winning author and champion of children reading for pleasure, left a legacy and the Siobhan Dowd Trust was established to give young people the opportunity to read and enjoy literature. As a fellow author and champion of children reading for pleasure, Cressida Cowell took to the book festival theatre stage this year, stressing that writing for children is the, “greatest gift on earth.”

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Review: For The Many

As Labour promises to provide a £1 billion culture fund there is a real sense of Jeremy Corbyn and his party providing something more substantial for the arts, taking them more seriously than our present Government. With this in mind, Labour’s youngest MP, Danielle Rowley, invited Corbyn along with comedians, poets and musicians to create the awareness that Labour both embrace and support the arts.

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Review: XFRMR, Fringe 2017

Harnessing the power of the Tesla coil, flaring light signals through a Faraday cage, Robbie Thomson has all the ingredients to culminate a remarkable Fringe show, which if nothing else, gets tongues moving, if not gaping. Staged in the pop-up refurbished venue, Leith Volcano, the St James Church, the industrialised aspect of this experience is amplified, as the 19th century invention is accompanied by laptop and synthesiser, frenetic and pulsing in the sounds that they produce (certainly far from any organ or Gregorian chants).

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