Review: Major Minor Music Club

This new venture is described as a “unique opportunity to take the next generation to their first gig. Musical nourishment for tiny ear holes” and yet I stumbled on in to the surprise that we were the only ones there without children. I should’ve at least looked at the small print and realised that this one is for small people. Anyhow, on this Sunday afternoon we soon realised what we had let ourselves in for at Glasgow’s renowned haunt, SWG3. A great line-up, and certainly one for adult ears was forthcoming so we stuck about and indulged in the performances, however non-appropriate for the young folks.

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Tinderbox Collective: A definite highlight was playing to a packed Usher Hall for The Dalai Lama back in 2012

There has been much happening for the Tinderbox Collective in recent months, with the announcement of their film score course within the Edinburgh International Film Festival programme and also becoming a regular funding receiver from Creative Scotland. Certainly much to keep them rapturous.
The Fountain spoke with Luci Holland from the collective and Sam Irvine (plays Alto Sax) and Sunny Yoon (Cello) about the new plans and their favourite gigs to date.

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Review: Super November, Glasgow Film Fest 2018

With elements of Attack the Block and 28 Days Later, Super November is an ambitious project considering it’s micro, micro-budget. Exploring the impact that politics can have on a personal level, Douglas King and Josie Long has collaborated on a feature film which begins somewhat of a whimsical tale about a loved-up librarian who is adamant she has found her soul mate, and then with the impact of the right-wing government six months later we see her poised in a political crisis.

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LA River Bend: Ultimately we couldn’t find a better name that suited us

LA River Bend, a feel good band from unsurprisingly, LA, have new single, Summer Wind, out as well an EP due for release, titled, Run These Hills. Consisting of Emily Elkin on cello and vocals, Jacob Seldes on drums, Branden Stroup on bass, vocals and guitar as well as Nate Weiner on vocals and guitar, they create Fully-fledged Americana folk soundscapes as expected from a four piece.
The band spoke with The Fountain about their plans for the year and their favourite gigs to date.

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