Review: The Coolidge Effect

Immersive, educational, political, Jack Nurse and Robbie Gordon’s The Coolidge Effect combines various ingredients into the performance, getting teenagers and twenty-somethings to think about sex and pornography. Using engaging dialogue, interaction and scientific methods, they’ve created an impactful and visceral piece of work which will hopefully open up the conversation about various aspects to porn such as exploiting, addicting and reclusive sides to it.

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Sophie Snell: I have to confess it’s been a fantastic summer

Sophie Snell’s had quite the summer with a Bath Novel Award and more recently the York Festival of Writing Friday Night Live Award with her story, The Pear Drum.
With such accolades under her belt, Sophie spoke to The Fountain about York’s Festival of Writing, how setting is key to this novel and her transition from management consultant to novelist.

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