Review: Afternoon Tea with Vivek Singh, EIBF 2017

It was a sheer pleasure to enjoy a British afternoon tea whilst listening to one of the top Indian culinary chefs in London talk about his background history and experiences working with food. Devouring sandwiches and scones whilst listening to Vivek Singh discuss his influences, Indian festival food and his absolute indulgence, whisky, was a new experience for me as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and certainly the way to do things if listening to a published cook or chef. 

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Review: Zadie Smith, EIBF 2017

Zadie Smith took to the Baillie Gifford Main Theatre stage at the Edinburgh International Book Festival to discuss her most recent novel, Swing Time, but also revealed in her discussion with Stuart Kelly that there is a collection of short stories on the publishing horizon. Smith was not only speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival about her most recent novel but also her career, which has seen her move to New York University where she teaches creative writing.

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Review: Withered Hand – NEHH, Summerhall

Summerhall, and more specifically, Nothing Ever Happens Here, for the month of August has quite the programme: eclectic, talented whilst also showcasing the fantastic talent that resides in this country, or in the case of this Withered Hand gig (which is also part of the Made in Scotland showcase) this very city. Along with his full band support, Withered Hand, Savage Mansion and the new collaborative force known as Iklan – which combines the talents of Law Holt, Young Fathers co-producer Timothy London and Leith Congregational Choir, performed in the unique Dissection Room. Together, they highlighted the varied degree of contemporary talent that resides in this country.  

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Review: Lucille and Django’s Totally Restorative Yoga Retreat, Fringe 2017

Lucille and Django, two yoga teachers, with no real training, a suppressed aggression and effervescent Australian accents, introduce their yogi’s to some interesting new poses and active wear that adds new levels to the meditative exercise. Throughout the show, we witness a real satire of the practice and those that tend to practice but a whole other underground layer that takes this show to places that they didn’t need to go.

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