Jascha Boyce: Backbone is a group acrobatics and physical theatre work that examines strength in all of its forms

A high-octane spree of physical virtuosity, Backbone tests the limits of strength: physical, emotional, individual and collective. Staged with a deceptively DIY aesthetic and dispensing of trickery and distraction, this is circus that goes straight for the jugular and leaves no viewer unmoved. Backbone is the culmination of all that’s gone before: a celebration of human connectedness and the meaning of strength, its athletic appeal is run through with a conceptual brilliance that elevates it to a new level. At the Fringe this August, The Fountain caught up with Jascha Boyce about the show and the drivers behind it.

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Bronya Deutsch: Welcome to the Chicken Appreciation Society and welcome to the mind of meat processor Comrade Egg

Welcome to The Chicken Appreciation Society and welcome to the mind of meat processor, Comrade Egg. When farm owner, Henny, doesn’t turn up to chair the meeting, Comrade Egg steps in to fill her shoes. Everything’s as it should be. So far, so habitual. Performed by physical theatre performer and clown, Bronya Deutsch and directed by James Baldwin (National Theatre), Mother Bunch use physical theatre, clowning and audience interaction to weave this dark, joyous and sometimes magical story of disconnection and a longing to belong. Bronya spoke with The Fountain in more depth about the show and her plans for the month.

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Maria Shehata: Hero is about my life in the UK after my move for love didn’t work out

Failed love, crippling debt and living with an angry 83-year-old. Not exactly what Maria Shehata had in mind when she left LA for the UK. Well, she might as well write a Fringe show about it, and here she is in Edinburgh, doing precisely that, Hero is at the Gilded Balloon for the month of August. Maria spoke with The Fountain about how the show came about.

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Daniel Audritt: They’ve taught me a lot of negative lessons when it comes to making relationships work

Award-winning comedian, writer and co-creator of Comedy Central’s Modern Horror Stories, Daniel Audritt brings his much-anticipated debut hour to the Fringe. Having previously written for 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Mock the Week, Comic Relief, The News Quiz, Dead Ringers, NewsJack and many more, the show is a punchline-heavy stand-up comedy show that questions love, relationships, modern masculinity and what it takes to be a good guy. Daniel spoke with The Fountain about the show in more detail.

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