Shaima: The idea really is each song shows a different layer of me hence unveiled

Shaima is a young, dynamic singer who started in the music industry from the age of 14 conquering bothstereotyping and also the challenges of musically uniting her mixed cultural identity. Her new single Green Eyes exemplifies this fusion of genres and was released globally on 6th March 2020 to be followed by an EP later in the year which will be called Unveiled. Shaima spoke with The Fountain both about the new track and her EP we look forward to hearing more from.

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Review: Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth

After the success of Animals and adapting the book to screenplay, Emma Jane Unsworth has done it again with new title, Adults, a contemporary read that incorporates mental health, trauma, loss and Instagram. Jenny is a complex character, inside she feels unloved, unemployable and emotionally unfiltered. Her long-suffering friends appear to be tired of her demands. She has more connection with her phone than any other character in this novel.

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Busty and the Bass: Getting the first bounce of the track with his vocals on it was surreal

The 23rd March saw the Montréal-based octet, Busty and the Bass, return with two new singles, Clouds [feat. Amber Navran] and the emotional gospel ballad Summer. Moonchild singer Amber Navran lent her unmistakable croon to Clouds and their last single out in February had the unmistakable sounds of George Clinton. It was high time The Fountain caught up with Busty and the Bass to discuss their plans for the rest of the year.

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Chris Stuart Wilson: It once again recognises the value of the arts to older people

At 2pm every Tuesday and Friday over the coming weeks, and possibly months, a new short film will be posted online by Luminate to inspire and guide older people through a creative activity that can be done at home or in a care home. The [email protected] programme is designed to help people stay engaged and active until the crisis has passed and the activities will be presented by professional artists who work regularly with older people in community and care settings, and will feature different arts forms. Chris Stuart Wilson who led an online dance class on Friday 27th March spoke with The Fountain about this project, and what inspired him personally to get involved.

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