Tally Spear: City Girl is a essentially a story about detachment

Although Tally Spear released her debut EP, Fade To White, in the spring of 2018, she knew that something didn’t feel quite right to her. Having attracted nearly 200,000 streams for her single Days Like These, alongside enjoying performances at some notable festivals including Black Deer and VegFest, she decided to take some time out and give her creativity room to breathe. She is now back with new single City Girl, and spoke to The Fountain about the new track and what it’s like to be working with Martin Hollis.

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Review: How To Be Invisible by Kate Bush

An unusual title, with songs selected and arranged by the author, and compelling introduction by novelist David Mitchell, How To Be Invisible presents the lyrics of Kate Bush published together for the first time. A book that is akin to a poetry collection, except David is correct, you cannot help yourself but sing along to the lyrics that you know, recollecting those beloved songs from this cherished singer/songwriter.

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Joan Clevillé: This wasn’t just any dance company, it was Scottish Dance Theatre!

Born in Barcelona, Joan Clevillé is an independent choreographer based in Dundee (Scotland), and since 2015, Artistic Director of Joan Clevillé Dance(JCD). He has worked for seventeen years as a dancer, teacher and rehearsal director in companies across Europe, including Scottish Dance Theatre (2009-2013), Lost Dog, Dog Kennel Hill Project (London), the Ballet of the Graz Opera (Austria), the Choreographic Centre of Valencia, and Ballet Carmen Roche (Madrid) and has recently been appointed the Artistic Director of the Scottish Dance Theatre. With this exciting news, Joan spoke with The Fountain about this appointment and working in Scotland.

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Review: My Name Is Monster by Katie Hale

My Name Is Monster first attracted my attention, as I was aware of the name Katie Hale, through the poetry scene, and it’s dystopian flavours appealed, but this is at it’s heart a story of survival, which is never really fully explained, and a character that I’m not sure develops with all that goes on around her.

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