SHHE: The main difference between both projects is time and confidence

SHHE is the alter-ego of Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer Su Shaw. Her self-titled debut album tracks a period of intense personal change, resulting in a sparse, haunting and atmospheric album that journeys through introspection and exploration of identity. After it being out for a month, Su spoke with The Fountain about her development in music as well as the release.

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Allan Hunter: It is a small country whose films make a big impact in the world

The Glasgow Film Festival have announced its first events for the festival in 2020, which includes their Country Focus, Iceland. With many screenings including The County, a humanistic look at a small farm and the eagerly-awaited follow-up from Grímur Hákonarson, and a documentary about Bjork, as well as new feature from Yrsa Roca Fannberg, The Last Autumn. Film Festival Director, Allan Hunter, spoke with The Fountain about the Focus in more depth as well as some of his personal highlights that are programmed for 2020.

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Martha Bean: Three of the songs have now made it onto Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 show

Leicester-based alt-folk songwriter Martha Bean began her musical journey early – at the age of just three, she began writing melodies on the piano, but refused lessons from her mum (a piano teacher). She turned her hand to any instrument she could get hold of, which, growing up in a musical household, wasn’t too difficult. She has just released her new EP, Here Comes the Snowstorm, and spoke with The Fountain about this in more depth.

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Review: The Great Western 2019

The inaugural Great Western for the 432presents promoter team, across multiple venues in Glasgow’s west-end, was a hard-end success and the perfect place on a Saturday night for music aficionados across the city. Programming fifty acts across ten venues with a kick-off time of 3pm is ambitious and they near enough pull it off.

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