President Street: I wanted the single to have a genuine impact on the refugee crisis

President Street have teamed up with Refugee Employment Charity Breaking Barriers, who help refugees gain stable and fulfilling employment, to release their brand new single Back Home, a song that aims to return some humanity to the current refugee crisis.
They spoke with The Fountain about the track and the process, working with Breaking Barriers.

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Review: Bellevue Square by Michael Redhill

At one point I think I have a grip of Bellevue Square and what exactly is happening and then before you know it I am lost, in the dark and struggling to work out what exactly has just happened in this whirlwind ride of a book. Having won the Giller Prize in 2017, one of the most prestigious literary prizes in Canada, there is obviously much credibility to the writing, and I must admit, certainly initially, at the beginning of the novel, it was impossible to put down. However, it does lose me throughout the story, and I don’t just think that is because my thoughts were meandering.

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Bridesmen: I’m all about being truthful and gentle with your emotions

Kenton Chen, otherwise known as Bridesmen, has just revealed the video for his new track, Someone Who Loves Me, and is working towards the release of an EP in 2019. The LA-based artist has worked with Postmodern Jukebox, and has toured with Kesha and Mary J Blige.
Kenton spoke with The Fountain about his plans for 2019 as well as what it was like to tour with Kesha.

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Review: Vessel – Queen of Golden Dogs

Queen of Golden Dogs, the third album from Vessel, or Sebastian Gainsborough as otherwise known, was conceived, developed and recorded into life over eighteen months of solitude in rural Wales. Essentially, it is an introspective works focussing on uncertainty and change, which perhaps explains the erratic shifts in the tempo and style throughout the record.

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