Spinning Coin: Not A Dream is about wanting to drop away from the heavily prescribed topics of the day

Glasgow’s Spinning Coin recently released Not A Dream, the B-side to their upcoming single Vision At The Stars. The quartet made up of Sean Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Jack Mellin (vocals, guitar), Rachel Taylor (bass, vocals) and Chris White (drums) released their new 7” single on 30th August via The Pastels’ imprint Geographic Music. Sean spoke in more depth with The Fountain about working with Geographic Music as well as the new single.

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Review: Dan Mangan and Murray A. Lightburn

Supported by The Dears frontman, the soulful Murray A. Lightburn, Dan Mangan was given the opportunity to please his loyal fans, and fellow Canadians with a gig in the West End of Glasgow. Following the release of his newest LP, More or Less, which came out late last year, Dan Mangan has been performing solo shows across the UK including Glasgow’s Hug and Pint.

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Emma Pollock: This gig will be all about bringing Gerry’s brilliant back catalogue to life

Paisley’s Spree Festival kicks off this week with a fine homage to one of Paisley’s favourite musical sons. The opening night, this Friday (Friday 11 October) sees a tribute to Gerry Rafferty, with a songbook of his work, featuring Roddy Hart, Emma Pollock and Rab Noakes. Emma spoke with The Fountain about the gig and what to expect as well as her own connection to his album, Night Owl.

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Mipso: It feels great to have crowds singing your songs back at you

People Change is the new track from Mipso’s recently released album Edges Run. No stranger to the live circuit, Mipso have also already performed extensively across globe at prestigious events such as Americanafest, Bourbon and Beyond and the Calgary Folk Festival. Now, Mipso continue the complex dance of looking back and moving forward with grace and beauty as they embark on their latest UK/EU tour. The band spoke with The Fountain about the new record as well as their anticipation at playing to Glasgow crowds for the first time.

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