Matthew Winter: The gig’s going to be a fantastic mix of surreal jolliness and viscerally moving power

Zed Penguin is releasing new and highly anticipated album via Song by Toad, A Ghost, A Beast, launching it at the Leith Cricket Club this evening. Zed Penguin comprise of Matthew Winter on vocals and guitar, James Metcalfe on bass and piano, Casey Miller on drums and cellist Atzi, who should no doubt headline another fantastic evening organised by Edinburgh based label.
Matthew spoke to The Fountain about organising his work around his life, how his Australian roots culminated his taste and style and his favourite gig supporting The Fall.

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Alice Malin: Winter Solstice is a darkly witty study of a family in crisis

Winter Solstice, a German play written by Roland Schimmelpfennig, will run at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh from 21st March until 24th March, directed by Alice Malin, starring David Beames, Kirsty Besterman, Felix Hayes, Gerald Kyd and Marian McLoughlin. Handling political and topical themes, it’s a significant one for the theatre’s programme.
Alice spoke with The Fountain about her decision to choose this play to direct and the joy of working with such a cast.

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Review: Journeyman, Glasgow Film Fest 2018

Second feature, following the acclaimed and powerful Tyrannosaur, there were many bets hedged with this Paddy Considine film. Written and directed as well as starring him, there is much of Considine thrown into this movie, one that he began writing before we saw Peter Mullan and Olivia Coleman emerge in his debut feature, following the short, Dog Altogether. Clearly a personal project, which involves the producer of Tyrannosaur, Diarmid Scrimshaw, and actors Jodie Whittaker, who was in Attack the Block, and about to star in Doctor Who, as well as Paul Popplewell, who has been in ’71 and Shameless, this is more than a boxing film, there is tenderness, psyche and emotion within this Considine feature.

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