LUNIR: It’s actually a Nyanja word for ‘good quality’

In 2015, Becky (vocals, guitar, keys, vocal looping) and David (vocals, drums, synths, vocal looping) originally formed LUNIR as a five-piece in Edinburgh. In 2017, they downsized to a two-piece and have since gained support from the likes of Vic Galloway and Jim Gellatly to name a few. They have just released Wadidi, and spoke with The Fountain about the track, including where the title originated.

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Review: SQIFF Opening Shorts 2018

Attending the opening night of the Scottish Queer International Film Festival for the first time at the Glasgow Film Theatre, there was a buzz about the evening. As well as screening seven films that focus on queer or transgender identity they have clearly made a point to improve their accessibility, with a brief note from the access and engagements officer at the beginning of the night. Subtitles on all films and silent spaces for those that require the escape, making the festival pleasant for all, for this is just the opening night.

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Review: The Cardigans

Nina Persson and co took to the stage on a Tuesday night in Glasgow to celebrate twenty years of their successful record, Gran Turismo and indulge their fans with a set that allowed them to get nostalgic, at one point exclaiming, “you are loving the nineties.”

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