Review: Chris Dugdale – Up Close!, Fringe 2017

After a bold entrance, Chris Dugdale uses his magic to stun and mesmerise the crowd, proving he is that one step quicker and more in tune than the rest of us with this show that incorporates audience participation, a subtle introduction to how the tricks are performed and a full list of information on how to get kicked out of any casino in Las Vegas. A dab hand at card and observational tricks, Dugdale continuously shocks the audience in this sold out show, converting even the most cynical punter. 

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Review: Dram & Smoke Campfire Feasts, Fringe 2017

The Dram & Smoke pop-up in the Biscuit Factory, somewhat outwith of the main festival stretch, is back again this year with promises of a Campfire Feast, an interactive eating experience that has to be shared. Promoting Talisker as their main drinks brand, they offered a welcome cocktail prior to bringing the group upstairs to indulge in some improv food theatre. 

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Review: Seymour Mace’s Magical Shitcakes From Heaven, Fringe 2017

Hitting the stage in a chicken costume with a red oven glove for a comb, Geordie Seymour Mace surprises us with an aggressively hilarious hour of props, costumes, pirates and The Beatles, quick off the mark to inform us that there is no magic, cakes or heaven included in this show – just lots of shit. Reminding us of the cliché that loneliness and depression are often at the root of many creative comedians, Mace takes us on a journey through interpretative dance, his own version of those mindless books that are intended to “improve” your lives, throwing inflatable sharks into the mix. As in he literally throws inflatable sharks into the mix. 

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Review: Lemonade, Fringe 2017

“When life hands you lemons, you just make lemonade” is the sentiment from Requiem for a Dream actress Heather Litteer, who has written and performed Lemonade. The critically acclaimed autobiographical theatre show makes its European premiere at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, showcasing Litteer’s acting capabilities in this powerful, humorous and moving show, which explores how women are treated on and off screen. It certainly informs the crowd that she can do more than the roles she is typecast for. 

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