Review: Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles IX

It’s an annual tradition for the Lost Map collective and those that follow them, their many fans and loyal regular gig attendees, to head to what they title Christmas Baubles. Curated by Edinburgh-based Kid Canaveral, a day of music and drinking is one that laments the festive season for many, with a full line up of music, with a different bill year after year, nine to be exact.

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Somedays: It’s fast, it’s upbeat and it’s about a car crash

Somedays kicked off as a recording project between two friends from different walks of life when street musician Eliseo crashed a night at (now frontman and songwriter, then fresh law graduate) Vittorio’s place. The duo recorded a few demos over a summer with their friend Luca on the drums. Since then they have expanded and they have just released new EP, Knockout.

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