Georgie: It was a great experience, really loved it

Georgie is not only hitting us with new three track EP, Too Much TV, on 16th February but is also presently touring with Jake Bugg, performing in the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow on 20th of the same month.
The soulstress spoke with The Fountain about her busy year, working with Matthew E White and her love of a Glasgow crowds.

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Review: Words and Music by Willy Vlautin, Celtic Connections 2018

One of the first questions faced that evening when I asked if I was in the correct venue for the Celtic Connections Willy Vlautin gig, was, “how do you know him? As a musician or a writer?” In all honesty I was not aware of his music or his work with Richmond Fontaine, and was better aware of film-adapted novels such as The Motel Life. Discussing his new novel, Don’t Skip Out On Me, Willy Vlautin enriched the evening and his audience as a balladeer and storyteller immersing them into his written and musical worlds.

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Review: Lord Huron and The Weather Station, Celtic Connections 2018

Another Celtic Connections gig, another night of musical anecdotes and tight performances from Hackney-based Flyte, Canadian The Weather Station, fronted by Tamara Lindeman, and Los Angeles-based Lord Huron, who wonderfully headlined the evening to what seemed like a packed-out venue. Lord Huron, whose tracks are entirely fictional, inspired by Western novels and the likes of Kurt Vonnegut, filled the room with wonderful words and music that held it together with blues, country and folk music, creating a beautiful vibe amidst the audience.

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Review: Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante

Troubling Love, Elena Ferrante’s stylish debut, which was translated and published back in 2006, is a much adored find for those that have enjoyed the Neapolitan Novels, as there is a whole following you find of her chic family sagas. Beautifully told, the book explores family themes, abandonment and domestic abuse within this short novel and asks massive questions, which is the pull and hits your intrigue.

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