Review: Standing Up For Equality, EIBF 2018

With the theme Freedom this year, there was something very appropriate about walking into an event with Laura Bates, who is the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, which importantly pressured the government to make relationships and sex education compulsory, and pushed for guidelines for schools to stop children having to be placed with pupils who assaulted them. She was here to talk about her book Misogynation, which advocates that things like gender pay gap, wolf whistling, and more terrorising acts of racism are systemic.

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Chrisy Hurn: I think you can look forward to a journey

Canadian indie-rock trio, Basement Revolver, are releasing new LP, Heavy Eyes, on 24th August via Fear of Missing Out records. The trio of Chrisy Hurn (vocals, guitar), Nimal Agalawatte (bass, synth) and Brandon Munro (drums) embarked on their first tour of the UK earlier this year, with a tremendous set at The Great Escape Festival and are looking forward to the album reception.
Chrisy spoke with The Fountain about their upcoming plans as well as what we can expect from the record.

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Peter Baker: There really is nothing like the Fringe

Fresh from a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe at Pleasance last year, and currently enjoying a West End residency at Leicester Square Theatre, Degrees of Error bring their hilarious and innovative Murder, She Didn’t Write back up to Fringe Festival 2018.
Peter Baker who plays Mr Green in the comedy, spoke with The Fountain about their joy in bringing Murder, She Didn’t Write back to Edinburgh audiences.

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Review: Dreamgun – Silence of the Lambs, Fringe 2018

The premise of Dreamgun sounds swell, and right up the alley of a previous film student (yes, I did consume movies to get a degree) so we took ourselves to the Underbelly Dairy Room, situated round the back of the Teviot building, an offshoot of Bristo Square, in one of those stunning University buildings. To put you straight this group of Irish comedians and actors take a film script, doctoring it to produce an hour long parody, performed by the same group of cast unrehearsed, which thereby has no shortage of adlib or a comic wit, it lends itself to that rather nicely.

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