Louis Rive: A collection of stories and tales really that document a wide range of things

The Cheap Part of Town is Louis Rive’s first collection of songs. Bar-room bards and street philosophers, from the down-and-out and back up again, this collection focuses on the people and places that make up the patchwork of life holding any city together. Louis, a Scottish singer-songwriter, based in Barcelona, draws widely on folk music from the traditional ballads of the pub to the modern day tale-tellers and poets. Influenced by the likes of The Pogues, Hamish Imlach, Michael Marra and The Corries, to name but a few, Louis continues the grand tradition of the storytelling musician, and is taking it to Edinburgh for a show that kicks off tonight. Louis spoke with The Fountain ahead of his Fringe show.

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Crystal Rasmussen: It’s the birth child of music, singing, comedy and a book tour

After a swift rise to fame with her Nobel-nominated book Diary of a Drag Queen, DENIM’s Crystal is back. Bringing her pages to life through song, dance and writhing around in a children’s swimming pool. A tour-de-force show of a lifetime, 108-year-old Crystal reveals how to escape shame, escape the debt collector and escape James Franco who has been obsessed with her since 1996, with her new show, Crystal Rasmussen presents The Bible 2 (Plus a Cure for Shame, Violence, Betrayal and Athlete’s Foot) Live! Crystal spoke with The Fountain about her plans for the month.

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Brodi Snook: I also explore the concept of what it is really meant to mean and its societal connotations for women

Rising Australian comedian and successful foot model (sells photos of her toes to foot perverts for cash), Brodi Snook was once told by a first date that she was a handful. May he rest in peace. This is a hotly anticipated Edinburgh debut from a distinct new voice in comedy, a show woven together with low-energy charm, laser-sharp writing and wall-to-wall gall. Handful is on at the Gilded Balloon throughout the month of August and Brodi spoke with The Fountain about the show as well as her plans for August.

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Alexander Fox: It’s a narrative comedy set in a recording studio, with a huge electronic drum kit

In 2011, Alexander Fox left school and went to music college, where he began an illicit affair with his drum teacher. Their lives became intertwined, then increasingly dark and dangerous as Alexander learned a few more lessons at college than he’d anticipated. Set in a recording studio around an electronic drum kit, Whiplash meets The Graduate in this drumming comedy experience, from the creator of cult hit Ringo, and one of the UK’s most innovative and adventurous new talents, Snare comes to the Fringe. The Fountain caught up with Alexander Fox about the show.

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