Danielle Rowley MP: Being the first woman to represent Midlothian is quite a big thing and I wanted to do something

In 2017 Danielle Rowley was elected as the first woman MP of Midlothian, and the youngest Labour MP in Parliament. To celebrate, she is hosting a Women’s Conference at Edinburgh College’s Midlothian Campus in Eskbank on 19 May 2018, which will broadly cover issues affecting women, as well as celebrating what has been achieved by the great women of Midlothian.
Danielle Rowley MP spoke with The Fountain about what inspired her to mark her time in her elected seat with this conference, what we can look forward to and what provisions are in place to ensure that all can go.

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Review: Alexis Taylor – Beautiful Thing

Alexis Taylor, renowned for his disco beats for Hot Chip, and wavering vocals, has struck gold again with this solo album released via Domino Records, Beautiful Thing. A record of sumptuous piano playing and delicate vocals, wax lyrical in style, his highly produced haze of ten tracks will appeal to Hot Chip fans, and perhaps also those that follow the likes of the DFA label, particularly as UNKLE’s Tim Goldsworthy has had a hand in the production. It’s a bold delivery which often touches on the process of song-making, particularly with A Hit Song, and provides Alexis Taylor fans with a grounding in his talent.

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