Review: Freedom Debate – Universal Basic Income, EIBF 2018

In the third Freedom Debate, the panel discussed the Universal Basic Income (UBI) and its potential impact. Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Liz Leonard, Stewart Lansley, co-editor of Basic Income: The Global Debate, and Annie Miller, writer of the Basic Income Handbook, were up against UBI critic Tom Kibasi, Director of IPPR, a progressive policy think tank.

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Review: Freedom to Write, EIBF 2018

The theme of freedom kicked off on Saturday with a discussion of the issues faced by today’s writers and publishers. Author and Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award judge Raman Mundair, board-member at Publishing Scotland, Moira Forsyth and Chair of Literature Alliance Scotland, Peggy Hughes, were joined by author Jan Carson, who was on the National Centre of Literature’s showcase last year.

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Review: Thriller Live

It must be said that Thriller Live really misses an opportunity here to serve up a substantial musical about the life of Michael Jackson, which is just begging to be written. Termed as a ‘jukebox musical’, it teetered dangerously close to an X-Factor competition at times. The soloists, all gifted singers, brought various elements of Michael Jackson’s songs to life; but each song unfolded with a variety of vocalists rotating a few lines each in their best imitations, which quickly became jarring to listen to.

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Review: Cirque Beserk!

There have been many circus acts to grace our stages in the last few years, but none as loyal to tradition as Cirque Beserk!. This is a real travelling circus (with its own dedicated circus school) comprised of over thirty performers from countries all over the world. Cirque Beserk succeeded in making the better known names look tame. What they arguably lacked in polish and shine; they more than made up for by the heart-stopping feats they undertook. The performers were defying death every other minute. No safety equipment was used bar one hair-raising sequence, which made for an out-of-breath thrilled audience. One particular performance from a hugely talented acrobat saw her suspended by just her neck – you’d need to see it to believe it.

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