Review: Edinburgh’s Christmas Ice Adventure

Christmas has well and truly landed in Edinburgh, as eighty-metre-high attractions scrape the skyline, market stalls glow invitingly, delicious smells waft on the breeze, and Christmas tunes blast from every door as shoppers go about their festive business. Not only is Princes Street bedecked to the hilt – but George Street and St Andrew’s Square are stuffed to the brim with everything you could need to make the festive season just that little bit more festive.

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Review: La Clique Noel

Thirteen years after its conception by director David Bates, La Clique Noel is still going strong and it’s no surprise. The Underbelly delivers once again with this kaleidoscopic whirlwind of a show – think ‘best of the Fringe’ – the finest in their field of entertainment have been cherry-picked to make this a whopper of a show, which shrewdly caters to all tastes when it comes to entertainment.

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Review: Slava’s Snow Show

Hailed as a theatrical masterpiece, Slava’s Snow Show has been winning audiences across the globe for twenty-five years now. It’s creator, Slava Polunin, created the show with the aim of transporting adults back to their childhood dreams, saying, he wanted “a theatre on the edge between art and life, tragedy and comedy, absurdity and innocence… eluding all definition and uniformity”. I think we can safely agree that he has absolutely achieved his dream.

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Review: La La Land – Live On-Screen with Orchestra

La La Land is brought to life as it returns to the big screen in theatres around the UK, accompanied by a live orchestra. 
As I sat perched above the sixty-piece orchestra, looking out over a brightly coloured sea of fanatics, all waiting with baited breath, I couldn’t help but cast my mind back to my feelings when I watched the opening sequence of La La Land for the very first time.

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Artist Spotlight on David Lemm

The Artist Spotlight is a series of interviews and fly-on-the-wall films which explore the creative processes of artists and creatives living and working in Scotland.
David Lemm is an artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh. This interview took place in his studio – see the short film below for a taster.

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