Review: Police Cops – Badass Be Thy Name, Fringe 2019

It’s 1990s Manchester, at the height of the Manchester rave scene. Clubbers are being killed by vampires on the orders of Satan himself. The police don’t want to get involved. Manchester’s night life can only be saved by Tommy (a call centre worker by day, Mad-For-It clubber by night) and Father Badass, a defrocked priest.

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Review: La Galerie, Fringe 2019

It must be tough running a circus in a PC world where (quite rightly) animals may not be exploited, and children are more interested in pixels than sawdust. No wonder so many have had to fold up their tents for the last time. So what happens to all those jugglers, strongmen, unicyclists, acrobats, and clowns pouring out of circus schools every year, looking for work?

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Review: Fishbowl, Fringe 2019

Fishbowl is an award-winning French mime show, but don’t let that put you off. It is brilliant.
The set is a row of small apartments, seen in cross section. Each interior reflects the distinct character of its occupant: the obsessive compulsive businessman lives in sterile white minimalism; the scruffy hoarder lives in a mess of cardboard boxes; and the clumsy free-spirit has gone with Womb-Pink as her signature colour.

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Review: Ed Byrne – If I’m Honest, Fringe 2019

Let’s start with some gentle racism: the Irish are affable, always ‘up for the craic’, charming tellers of tales, foul-mouthed poets with a talent for the surreal. I dare you, name an Irish comic who doesn’t fit that mould*: from Dave Allen to Dara O Briain, Spike Milligan to Mrs. Brown, Irish comedians have a major advantage before they even step on the stage. Tonight, Ed Byrne bounces on stage (in a red lame jacket).

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Review: Henning Wehn – Get On With It, Fringe 2019

Having successfully avoided any Brexit-based comedy this year (harder than it sounds) I thought I’d get a fresh angle from someone without a vested interest. Who better than Germany’s self styled ‘Comedy Ambassador’ Henning Wehn? But it turns out he is very vested. Having lived in the UK for nearly twenty years he has learned to understand and enjoy some aspects of British society that even the British dislike.

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