Review: Perfect Blue

Twenty years on from its initial release, the late Satoshi Kon’s debut feature still dazzles and disturbs like few other films. This tale of Mima (Junko Iwao), a young pop singer turned aspiring actress whose mind begins to unravel under the strain of both exploitative people and a medium that encourages it, carries extra resonance today with the recent revelations regarding historic abuse from powerful men in Hollywood.

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Review: The LEGO Batman Movie

Back in 2014, Batman was one of the breakout successes from the excellent The LEGO Movie. It seems bizarre to refer to a then-75 year old character as being ‘breakout’, but Will Arnett’s portrayal of a self-congratulatory Bruce Wayne/Batman was a refreshing change to numerous serious portrayals of the character following the high-camp disaster of Batman & Robin in the 1997. Now this version of the Dark Knight has been promoted to his own starring role, and this feature film is a loving celebration of the history of Batman which is simultaneously unafraid of joking at its own ridiculousness.

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