Review: Catherine Simpson, EIBF 2019

When I first read Catherine Simpson’s memoir, I found myself wanting to send her direct messages on twitter, saying ‘I loved this bit,’ or ‘that is so true,’ or ‘this is just as I remembered!’ Being close in age, I totally ‘got’ the experiences being described in the book. Which is to say, not only is this story universal but also, it’s historically relatable.

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Review: The Long Road, Fringe 2019

The subject of restorative justice is a tricky one that is likely to divide opinion. Tackling this dramatically presents an interesting challenge, and for an amateur group, an ambitious project. St Michael’s Players, from Chiswick, London, appear to be very much a ‘community’ drama group. Producing plays comes out of a commendable grass roots approach, with ‘social play readings’ forming the basis of their structure.

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Review: Section 28 – The Legacy of a Homophobic Law, Fringe 2019

There are only two types of music that, when played on the radio, have me diving for the off-button. One is Edward Elgar, the other, the Pet Shop Boys. Having to endure the latter being played as the audience entered to see Section 28 took me back to the hideous times of the late ’80s. It also reminded me that, perhaps, I too had homophobic tendencies back then.

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