Review: In ? We Trust, ESFF 2019

Having said all the programmed screenings of the Edinburgh Short Film Festival have been well-balanced, the second Sunday night screening was a highlight. The selection of films was exceptional. With the theme of faith and belief, of humour and tension in religion, and with the usual contrast of styles and lengths, it was an evening of soul-searching, gut-wrenching, and thought-provoking films.

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Review: Collective Consciousness, ESFF 2019

Does film have the power to change society? With Ken Loach’s latest film, Sorry I Missed You now in cinemas, this seemed to be a very pertinent question when considering this selection of short films entitled Collective Consciousness. Co-hosted by the Cyrenians, it was clear from the start that there was an agenda: these films were intended to expose human rights abuse and exclusion, and to provoke discussion.

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Review: Love Be Damned, ESFF 2019

In my first review of Edinburgh Short Film Festival, I criticised the audience more than the films! For the second screening, at Summerhall, there was a whole different atmosphere. It felt more like a festival, and the audience were in the right mood. This was helped by the choice – and theme – of the films.

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Review: Out of Frame, ESFF 2019

The good thing about a Short Film programme is that it’s a mixed bag. If you don’t like one film, you might like the next. If your concentration wanes at one point, you might soon re-engage. This said, if a programme is well-curated, the ebb of flow of moods and styles ought to keep anyone who loves ’films worth talking about’ rapt throughout.

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