Review: The Wild Boys

While I am super-keen on avoiding plot-spoilers, The Wild Boys came with a ready-made alert in the Filmhouse brochure. It seemed, from a cursory internet search, the brochure blurb was the taken directly from the press-release, which made it plain that the adolescent eponymous boys were played by actresses. Or, as I prefer to say, female actors.

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Review: Huff, Fringe 2018

My usual practice when reviewing theatre or film is to read as little as possible about the work beforehand, and I take little heed of ‘content warnings’ – after all, art is supposed to disturb the comfortable, and comfort the disturbed. Since my choice of Fringe performances came exclusively from Amnesty International’s Freedom of Expression Award long-list, I knew that most would be of good quality, but also, potentially tough material. Huff was no exception.

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Review: Eglantyne, Fringe 2018

Richard Holloway’s book On Forgiveness ends by relating Winston Churchill’s reaction at the end of World War 1, which was to propose rushing a dozen ships crammed with provisions to aid the fallen foe. This proposal was coldly rejected. Holloway goes on to describe the reaction of a German soldier who, appalled at the lack of mercy shown to his broken country, resolved to go into politics.

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Review: Egg, Fringe 2018

Since all my Fringe reviews are taken from Amnesty’s Freedom of Expression Award long-list, I observed Egg (and to a lesser extent, Rainbow Baby) wondering how the show’s themes matched those of Amnesty International. The ‘right to bear children’ is a curious notion in an over-populated world. Yet with IVF-treatment still in relative infancy (excuse the pun) the last forty years have thrown up many ethical questions.

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