Review: Us

Sometimes my method of choosing what to see at the pictures by simply perusing the blurbs in the Filmhouse brochure backfires. The 2019 film, US, sounded enticing, but seemed, upon viewing, to fall short of the mark.

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Review: Girl

As I said in my review of The Wild Boys, some films come with an in-built plot-spoiler. In the case of Girl, while the brochure blurb gave away the transgender theme, the first scenes had something of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando about them. That opening sentence that says ‘He – for there could be no doubt of his sex…’ rang through my mind as I pondered over which gender was transitioning to which.

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Review: Everybody Knows

In a sleepy village in Spain, with a nearby vineyard, there are two things that nobody speaks about, even though (as the film’s title suggests) everybody knows. The first appears in the opening sequence: a selection of old newspaper cuttings that tell of a young child kidnapped. Why they are being freshly cut with a pair of plastic-gloved hands will be revealed in time.

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