Review: I Love You…But, Fringe 2018

Many years ago, when I was writing a play about domestic violence I found a list on the internet titled something like “20 ways to know if you are being psychologically abused.” It was unpleasant reading, mainly because emotional abuse is often subtle and covert, and (for the one on the receiving end) imperceptible at first.

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Review: Big Love, Fringe 2018

I’ve often wondered what or who the American High School Theatre Festival is or are. It seems they bring a bunch of shows and make their home in a single venue, formerly Church Hill Theatre and this year, Central Hall. I was drawn to one of their shows because, like all my Fringe reviews this year, it was longlisted by Amnesty International for the Freedom of Expression Award 2018.

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Review: Killymuck, Fringe 2018

The one-person show on the Festival Fringe is an admirable feat. To sustain a theatrical monologue, especially one that is (or appears to be) a personal narrative, requires good timing, firm structure, and enough tonal variation in order to hold the audience. It also needs slick technical back-up.

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Review: Outcast, Fringe 2018

It’s important for remember that the Festival Fringe is about freedom of expression, and it’s in this spirit that a play like Outcast should be viewed and reviewed. Dundee University’s LIP Theatre Company – entirely student-led – have produced a thought-provoking piece.

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