Review: Them!

The National Theatre of Scotland’s production of Them! takes our predefined ideas around the safe setting of the chat show, the light chitchat and middle ground patter designed to never challenge anything at the risk of offence as a perfect setting for subversion. You may think the concept of a chat show where the guests are the main players from a Scottish musical remake of 1954 Sci-Fi horror classic Them! – in which giant ants wreak havoc on post-war Los Angeles- may be a tough sell to those seeking an exploration of the human condition, but bear with me.

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Review: Like Flying

You find yourself sitting in the exam hall, paper on the desk in front of you. The clock is ticking, the pressure is on but in your gut, there is a terrible feeling. You know nothing. You have not prepared, and you are not ready to be tested. It’s a recurring dream all too familiar to many even years after leaving education and it serves as an apt setpiece to open National Theatre of Scotland’s interactive, promenade performance Like Flying. An eerie dream world is established immediately as we are directed to take a desk. It’s familiar, but not quite right. As the register is called a simple, unceasing drumbeat played by one of our student hosts reminds us we are through the looking glass now.

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